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Egbin Power Plc, Lagos is one of the biggest additions to the electricity industry in Nigeria. Often seen as the biggest single generating power station in Black Africa, it was built to meet the every rising demand for electricity in Lagos and its environs. Egbin Power Plc is the largest indigenous power generating company in Sub-Saharan Africa

Egbin Power Plc is the largest power generating station in Nigeria with an installed capacity of 1320 MW consisting of 6 Units of 220MW each. The station is located at Egbin, in Ijede Town, about 40 km North East of the city of Lagos in Ikorodu Local Government Area, it is situated on a low land in Ijede and bounded by the Lagoon to the South, Agura/Gberigbe to the North and situated in Ijede Local Council Development Area.

The spot "Egbin (part of Ijede)" was a hamlet for peasant fishermen and farmers but was displaced to give way for the project with its housing estate and the people met their were resettled at Ipakan community leased from Ijede People, the largest portion of the land was collected from different families in Ijede Town. The first unit of the plant was commissioned in July 1985,while the last was commissioned in September 1986.The station is of reheat type with high intermediate low pressure impulse reaction turbine design and a hydrogen cooled generator.

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Egbin Power Station Egbin Town Ikorodu Lagos State Nigeria
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