Imo International Health Systems

Imo International Health Systems

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Imo International Health Systems combines the state of art technology and equipment with the skills of local and foreign professionals to create quality and responsive healthcare services. The health system comprises of hospital facilities in the 27 local governments in Imo State. All the facilities are operated under one system to create a world-class health organization.

We operate a health system in which the health records of our patients are accessible in every facility simultaneously. This will ensure that our patient can receive the same level of healthcare services in every facility at any time without the need to register in every facility. Our patients will have access to our specialists in different facilities without the need to move outside the system.

We are exceptional in what we do, putting patient care first as well as our community. Imo International Health Systems is gifted with professionals that are of excellent moral value and compassionate, providing healthcare from the heart

  • We uphold highest standard of professionalism and integrity;
  • We offer world-class healthcare in order to improve the quality of life;
  • We deliver services with passion, energy and encourage teamwork;
  • We offer modern medical equipment and facilities;
  • Dedicated children health/Pediatrics care;
  • We offers expert staff and patient-centered approach.

This enterprise is a visionary project of IHC (International Healthcare Consulting) in the US. The Board consists of Prominent Medical Professionals and business folks dedicated in the development of high quality healthcare facilities.

In 2016, a new door opened up in Imo State, Nigeria where the Local Government had built a number of hospitals. Three of these hospital buildings were offered as lease to International Healthcare Consulting (IHC) to develop medical services in Imo state.

Working with Us
IHC is expected to equip and man the hospitals and develop critical essential medical services in the state. To carry out this work, a locally registered entity has been formed as Imo International Health Systems (IIHS). While establishing basic medical serivces it became apparent that Nigeria had been left behind in a very imortant aspect of healthcare - Cancer.
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41 Okigwe Rd, 3rd Floor, Owerri, Imo
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