Red Star Express Plc

Red Star Express Plc

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Red Star Express Plc is a Nigeria-based logistic solution provider that specializes in delivery services. The Company, along with its subsidiaries, is engaged in the provision of courier services, mail management services, ware housing, freight, support, logistics and general haulage services. Red Star Express Plc operates through 169 offices located in Nigeria while its fleet comprises over 500 vehicles.

The Company operates through its wholly owned subsidiaries, including Red Star Freight Limited, which is customs-licensed clearing and forwarding service provider; Red Star Logistics Limited is engaged in logistics services, and Red Star Support Services Limited. The Company's mail suppliers include Kongo-Rock Investments Limited, Chita Express Limited and Aegis Core Limited, among others.

Red Star Express remains the flagship, continuing the pick-up and delivery of express documents and parcels, domestic and international, and its relationship with FedEx as its sole licensee in Nigeria.

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October 2, 2019
DHL is a good courier company and they are well pay. When i was working with them at abeokuta 2004 am a contract staff then the boss they were attached to us to us didn't pay us well at all and i need to quit.
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To take proper care of their staff

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No. 70 International Airport Road, Isolo, Lagos
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