Vital Agro Alliance Farms Limited

Vital Agro Alliance Farms Limited

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Vital Agro Alliance Farm Limited is one of Nigeria’s fastest growing agribusiness companies. It was established to meet the growing food demands in the country and create and establish impact based solutions , projects implementation and deliverables sustainability actualizations in the Agricultural sector.r. Our seasoned agribusiness professionals together  have designed and designated various cash and food crops to reach the available local and international markets. We focus on Rice,Sesame and Ginger planting, processing and production with over 200 tonnes of finished sesame seeds and ginger. We have out-growers and off-takers, with processing plants locally fabricated. On we have over 100 hectares of land located along Aso Road, Guruku Village and Guruku Panda Road, Nasarawa State, for growing sesame seeds, cowpea, soyabean, Maize, vegetables, Sorghum, Millets, peanuts, ginger of all varieties, and other crops. We also do livestock farming.

We apply improved seeds for our planting with best agronomy and animal husbandry practices of international standard. We operate mechanised farming system with necessary farm equipment and latest technology. We are into Food production with high consideration for the environment. We are into community warehousing, commodity exchange, bio-fuel development, rice and sorghum farming, wheat, production of livestock feed, snail farming, quail egg production, cashew farming and bee keeping. We have articulated bio-security and bio-safety rules that are strictly adhered to. We do not lower the standard in anywhere because safety is paramount in all we do in our company. We make sure our staff are abreast with latest development in the various value chains and agricultural practices. They are committed with sense of efficiency and hard work to carry out their responsibilities under professional supervision. We have employed over 200 hundred staff directly and indirectly at the moment. Our customers are made the nucleus of our services and we place them as our priority and are always carried along in our policies and services. In fact, they are the number one stakeholders in our business. With this approach they are satisfied with our services. We have built other farm structures for efficient running of the farm with electricity and access road. We also render training services to individuals, groups and corporate organizations in different areas of agribusiness through capacity building and skill acquisition with the field practical.

VAAF operates and manages a land bank of about 10,0000 acres of owned and leased lands in diversified geographies across Nigeria for the farming and cultivation of various human food and animal feed crops. Investments made in farming land have been characterized by the careful selection of areas enjoying favorable climate conditions, easy access to irrigation water and high fertility soil specifications to guarantee the best possible yields.

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16 Bangui Street. Off Ademola Adetokunbo Street. Wuse 2. Abuja
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