MTI Engineering Services Limited

MTI Engineering Services Limited

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MTI Engineering Services Limited has benchmarked telecommunications infrastructure development in Nigeria through innovative structuring of projects for both GSM and CDMA operators. It was established in recognition of the growing need to give the telecommunications business a greater support with high quality project development. It creates appropriate structures for infrastructure development consistent with public policy, thereby assisting agencies (both private and government) in ensuring business growth.

MTI Engineering's areas of expertise include the installation of cable for the telecommunication sector; civil works and reinstatement of gas and water pipelines, supply, installation and commissioning of cellular networks to both GSM and CDMA operators. It has built in-house expertise to carry out microwave and VSAT related works as an integral part of cellular infrastructure development.

MTI Engineering works in tandem with governments and the private sector to create opportunities that are synergistic to growth in the telecommunications sector. Powered by a unique combination of experience, expert resources, and innovative technology solutions it delivers dependable eco-friendly, enterprise and scalable infrast1ructures that enable service providers overcome the challenges of deploying high-quality network services.

MTI Engineering Services Limited was incorporated and positioned to take over all existing contracts, relationships and transactions from MTI Limited in the following areas:

Modern Access Network  Our areas of expertise in this strategic business unit, includes the installation of cable networks (copper & optic fiber) for Telecommunication and Power sector.

Cable Network  entail the installation of cable networks using copper and optic fiber cables, civil works, cabling, splicing and termination including surface reinstatement.

Gas and Water Infrastructure This business unit will focus on the civil works, laying, joining (welding) and reinstatement of Gas and Water pipelines.

Cellular Infrastructure Development  This involves the supply, installation and commissioning of cellular networks to both GSM and CDMA operators. 


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230 Ikorodu Road, Lagos State
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