International Medical Corps (IMC)

International Medical Corps (IMC)

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International Medical Corps (IMC) is a global humanitarian nonprofit organization established by volunteer doctors and nurses. The organization provides disaster relief, delivers health care to underserved regions, builds clinics, and trains local health care workers with the goal of creating self-reliant, self-sustaining medical services and infrastructure in places where that had previously been lacking.

IMC focuses on primary and secondary health care, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases such as malaria, cholera, dysentery, and HIV/AIDS, supplemental food for malnourished children, clean water and hygiene education, mental health and psychosocial care, and microfinance programs that allow people to earn their own income.

International Medical Corps is a founding member of the ONE Campaign and a member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

We assist those in urgent need anywhere, anytime, no matter what the conditions, providing lifesaving health care and health care-related emergency services—often within hours.

As conditions ease, we work with local leaders to rebuild stronger. In non-emergency settings, our focus is development. Through our training programs, we pass essential skills into local hands, preparing those in disaster-prone areas to better withstand adversity. Embedding these skills into the community lies at the heart of what we do: build self-reliance. It gives people hit by tragedy a sense of ownership over their own recovery and the ability to shape their own future as they rebuild. And wherever it occurs, it is an investment that benefits us all because it prepares local residents to be their own best First Responders should disaster strike.

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12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1500 Los Angeles, CA 90025
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