Federal Polytechnic Nekede Admissions Into HND/ ND Programmes 2010/2011 Academic Session Commences

June 30, 2010 2010-06-30T08:28:29+01:00
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Federal Polytechnic Nekede 2010/2011 Admission Commences: Requirements 2010/2011 ADMISSION BROCHURE GUIDELINE FULL PROFESSIONAL POST HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING - 2 YEARS (24 Calendar Months) HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (MORNING/EVENING) - 2 YEARS NATIONAL DIPLOMA (EVENING/WEEKEND) - 2 YEARS HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (WEEKEND) - 2 YEARS CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME As indicated ESTABLISHMENT: The Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri was initially established as the College of Technology, Owerri by Edict No. 16 dated 1st April 1978 In 1987, it was renamed, The Polytechnic by Imo State Government. The Institution was taken over by the Federal Government in April 1993 and is now governed by the Federal Polytechnics Act to perform the following functions: (a) To provide full-time or part-time courses of Instruction and training, (i) In technology, applied science, commerce and management, and (ii) In such other fields of applied learning relevant to development of Nigeria in the areas of Industrial and Agricultural production and distribution and for research in the development. And adaptation of techniques as the Council may from time to time determine. (b) To arrange conferences, seminars and study groups relative to the fields of Learning specified in paragraph (a) of this subsection (I); (c) To perform such functions as in the opinion of the Council may serve to promote the Objectives of the Polytechnic. The Motto of the Polytechnic is “Knowledge and Skill for Service” LOCATION: The institution is located in Nekede about five kilometers from the metropolitan capital of Imo State, Owerri. The campus comprises some 13 8 hectares of land. MODE OF ADMISSION Admission of students into the Polytechnic for Post Higher National Diploma (POST-HND) in Urban and Regional Planning), the Higher National Diploma (Morning/Evening/Weekend), the National Diploma (Evening/Weekend), and Certificate programmes will be by direct entry base mainly on merit by ranking the entry qualifications of candidates. Candidates for admission are required to possess the minimum entry requirements as stipulated b the Polytechnic Prospective candidates are therefore advised to ensure that they meet both the general and departmental requirements before applying for admission. DURATION OF PROGRAMME Higher National Diploma (Post-HND) in Urban and Regional Planning (Morning) - 2 years (24 Calendar Months) Higher National Diploma (Morning/Evening/Weekend) - 2 years National Diploma (Evening) - 2 years National Diploma (Weekend) - 2 years Certificate Programme (Continuing Education Centre) - 1 year or as indicated. Students who successfully complete the National Diploma Programme will be required to have gained at least one year relevant post-ND working experience in a recognized industry/establishment before they can apply for admission into the Higher National Diploma programme. A. FULL PROFESSIONAL POST-HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (POST HND) IN URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS: Candidates who desire to be admitted into the Programme should possess: (i) A minimum of Lower Credit Level in Higher National Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning (or related discipline) of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri or from any other Polytechnic whose programme has been accredited by the NBTE and TOPREC, OR BSc with a Minimum of Second Class Lower in Urban and Regional Planning (or related discipline) from any recognized University OR A Pass in HND/BSC with a minimum of 10 years working experience in a physical planning establishment (ii) NYSC Discharge Certificate or Certificate of exemption is compulsory. (iii) The Programme is of a two-year full time duration, covering 24 calender months of four Semesters. (iv) Applicants must be ICT compliant (v) There must be evidence of employment in a planning establishment for those with a pass Certificate. B. HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (HND) (MORNING/EVENING/WEEKEND) -2/2/2 YEARS: 1. NEW MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS (i)Candidates must hold the minimum entry requirement for ND programme in the specific field. (ii)They must possess the National Diploma of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri or the equivalent from recognized institutions in the appropriate discipline with minimum of Lower Credit (CGPA 2.50). Candidates with Pre-ND and National Diploma in AC, BAM, SA, EE, ME,FT, CS, STA from other institutions must have a minimum CGPA of 2.75 at ND level (iii)They have, by the expected date of admission completed a minimum of twelve (12) Calendar months Post National Diploma Industrial Work Experience to the field of study. (iv) For candidates with pass level from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede with CGPA not below. 2.00 points, a minimum of two years post-ND cognate working experience is required. AVAILABLE PROGRAMMES FOR HND (MORNING/EVENING/WEEKEND) I. Accountancy (AC). II. Business Administration & Management (HAM) III. Banking and Finance (BF) IV. Marketing (MK) V. Purchasing and Supply (PS) VI. Public Administration (PA) VII. Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM) VIII. Office Technology and Management (OTM) IX. Agricultural Engineering (AE) (a) Farm Power & machinery, (option) (b) Soil/Water Resources Engineering (option) (C)Post Harvest Engineering (option) X. Civil Engineering (CE) (a) Structural Engineering (option) (b) Transportation Engineering (option) XI. Electrical/Electronics Engineering (EE) (a) Power (option) (b) Telecommunications (option) XII. Mechanical Engineering (ME) (a) Production Engineering (option) (b) Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Building Services (option) (c) Automotive engineering (option) XIII. Architecture (AR) XIV. Building Technology (BT) XV. Estate Management (EM) XVI. Urban and Regional Planning (URP) XVII. Quantity Surveying (QS) XVIII. Food Technology (FT) XIX. Science Technology (ST) (a) Biology/Microbiology (Option) (b) Chemistry (Option) (c) Physics Electronics (Option) (d)Environmental Biology (Option) (e)Microbiology/Biochemistry (Option) XX. Library Science (LS) 3. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED Candidates should arrange with their previous institutions to send their academic transcripts directly to the Polytechnic. Candidates offered admission must present terminal reports showing completion of the 12 or 24 months industrial work experience before they would be registered. B. NATIONAL DIPLOMA (EVENING/WEEKEND) 1. GENERAL MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS - 2 YEARS Candidates with one of the following qualifications may be considered for admission into ND Programme; i.SSC/WBSCSTAGE II/NABTEC/NECO with credit in five subjects relevant to the programme obtained not more than two sittings. ii. A pass at the final examination of the Pre-ND of the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri AVAILABLE PROGRAMME FOR NO (EVENING/WEEKEND) 1. Accountancy (AC) 11. Business Administration and Management (BAM) 1lI Banking and Finance (BF) IV Marketing (MK) v. Purchasing and Supply (PS) VI Public Administration (P A) Vll Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM) Vll1 Office Technology and Management (OTM) IX Agricultural Engineering (AE) x Civil Engineering (CE) XI Electrical/Electronics Engineering (EE) Xll Mechanical Engineering (ME) XII Computer Science (CS) XIV. Food Technology (FT) xv. Library Science (LS) XVI. Science Technology (ST) XVII. Fishery Technology XVlI1. Statistics (STA) XIX. Architecture (AR) xx. Building Technology (BT) XXI. Estate Management (EM) XXlI. Quantity Surveying (QS) XXlll. Surveying and Geo-informatics (SUG) XXIV. Urban and Regional Planning (URP) SPECIFIC ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY (SBMT) 1. Accountancy (AC) ii. Banking and Finance (BF) Minimum Requirements: Five Credits in English Language, Mathematics and any three of the Following subjects Economics, Business Methods Principles of Accounts, Literature in English, Commerce, History, Government, Statistics, Geography, Office, Practice, one Science subject iii.· Business Administration and Management (BAM) IV. Marketing (MK) v. Purchasing and Supply (PS) VI. Public Administration (P A) vii.Co-operative Economics and Management (CEM) Minimum Requirements: Five credits in English Language, Mathematics and any three of the Following subjects; Economics, Business Methods, Principles of Accounts Literature in English Commerce, History, Government, Statistics, Geography Office Practice Secretarial Duties, one Science subject. viii .Office Technology and Management (OTM) Minimum Requirements; Five credits in English language, Mathematics, a Basic Science (ie) Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Agric Science) and two others from Economics, Business Methods, Typewriting, Shorthand, Literature in English, Commerce, History, Government Statistics Geography, Christian/Islamic Religious Studies. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY (SET) i Agricultural Engineering (AE) Minimum Requirements Five Credits in Mathematics Physics, and any three from Biology/ Agric Science Chemistry Technical Drawing, Basic Electronics /Electrical A Pass in English language is required. ii. Civil Engineering (CD) iii. Electrical/Electronics l Engineering (EE) iv. Mechanical Engineering (Five credits) Minimum Requirements in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Agric Science/ Engineering Drawing and one other subject. Geography, Metal Work, Wood Work and A Pass in English Language is required v. Computer Science (CS) Minimum Requirements, Five Credits in Mathematics, Physics ,English Language and two other from Statistics, Geography, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics/Commerce, biology/ Agric Science, Government/History, Technical Drawing. SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIAL AND APPLIED SCIENCE (SIAS) i. Food Technology (FT) Minimum Requirements; Five Credits in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology/ Agric Science and any two of Physics, Economics, Statistics, English Language, Additional Mathematics, Food and Nutrition/Hotel and Catering, Geography, basic Electricity, Basic Catering and Food Services, Bakery and Confectioneries, Passes in Physics, and English Language are required ii. Library Science (LS) Minimum Requirements: Five Credits in English Language and Four other subjects, with Passes in Mathematics and one Science Subject. iii. Science Technology (ST) Minimum Requirements: Five Credits in Mathematics and any four of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Agric Science, Economics/Geography. A Pass in English is required iv. Fisheries Technology (FIT) Minimum Requirements; Five O/Level, Credit in Biology/ Agric Science Chemistry and any three of the following: Geography, Mathematics, Statistics. Economics/Commerce, Physics At least A Pass in English language is required. iv. Statistics (STA) Minimum requirements: Five O/level credits in Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Biology and any Three of: Statistics, Geography, Further Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics, Biology/ Agric Science, Technical Drawing A Pass in English language is required. SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (SEDT) i. Architecture (AR.) Minimum Requirements Five Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and anyone from Biology/ Agric Science, Geography, Economics, Religious Knowledge, Technical Drawing and Fine Art. 11. Building Technology (BT) Minimum Requirements: Five Credits in Mathematics Physics/Chemistry and any three of; Geography, Economics, Technical Drawing/Art Wood Work/Metal Work, Biology/ Agric. Science, English Language, Government, Building Construction, A Pass in English Language is required iii. Estate Management (EM) Minimum Requirements: Five Credits in English Language, Mathematics, Physics/Chemistry/Biology and two other from Geography, Economics, Biology/agric Science, Fine Art, Technical Drawing, A Pass in English Language is required iv. Quantity Surveying (QS) Minimum Requirements: Five Credits in Mathematics, Physics and any three of Chemistry, Metal Work, C:Teography, Technical Drawing/Fine Art, English Language, Economics/Mathematics, Biology/ Agric Science. A Pass in English Language is required v. Surveying and Geo-informatics (SUG) Minimum Requirements. Five Credits in Mathematics, Physics and any three of Further Mathematics/Statistics, Chemistry, Geography, Technical Drawing/Fine Art, literature in English/English Language, Economics/Government, Any other Science subject A Pass in l:nglish Language is required. Urban and Regional Planning (URP) Minimum Requirements five credits in Mathematics, a Science subject and three other subjects chosen from English Language, Economics, Geography, Art/Technical Drawing, Statistics, Chemistry. Physics, Biology/ Agric Science, History/Government A pass in English Language is required SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SOCIAL SCIENCE (SI ISS) 1. Mass Communication (MC) Minimum Requirements Five Credits in English Language, Mathematics, a physical Science (i.e Physics/Chemistry/Biology) and two other subjects from History, Economics, Fine Art, Government, Literature in English, and Commerce. CERTIFICATE PRGRAMMES (Continuing Education Centre) AVAILABLE COURSES AND GENERAL ENTRY REQUIREMENT A. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Certificate Programme in: Accountancy, Insurance, Finance and Investment, Public Administration, Salesmanship, Purchasing & Supply, Secretarial Administration (CSIV/Secretarial Assistant II) and Intermediate Certificate in Secretarial Administration (CSIII Secretarial Assistant I) Duration - 1 Academic year Entry Qualification: A minimum of four Passes including Mathematics and English Language at SSC/GCE/NECO/NABTEB/TCII(OR EQUIVALENT OBTAINED AT NOT MORE THAN TWO SITTINGS. Candidates with JSSC with not less than certified five years working experience in related fields will be considered. For Secretarial Administration a pass in Mathematics is not mandatory 2. Advanced Certificate Programme Accountancy, Insurance, Banking and Finance, Public Administration, Salesmanship, Purchasing & Stores, Secretarial Administration (CSII/Senior Secretarial Assistant). Duration -1 Academic year Entry Qualifications a) A minimum of four passes in relevant subjects obtained in not more than two in SSC/NECO/NAI3TEB/TCIl, or equivalent, two of which must be at credits level. A credit in English Language and a pass in Mathematics is required. b) Relevant Polytechnic certificate in programmes listed in (A I) above Entry Qualifications: Any of: I. B. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY 1. Certificate Programmes in Electrical Installation Work and Regulation, Electrical Installation, Design and Draughting, Radio and TV servicing and installation, Telecommunication, Machine Tool Practice, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration, Vehicle Maintenance. Duration 1 academic year. i. Trade tests I and 11 with two years full apprenticeship of Industrial Experience ii. SSC/GCE/NECO/NABTE13 with passes in 4 relevant subjects including English Language and Mathematics. lII. JSSC with 3 years relevant industrial experience or apprenticeship. iv Artisans with a minimum of 5 years working experience in the relevant field. 2. Advanced Certificate Programme in: Installation Work and regulation, Electrical resign and draught, Radio and TV Servicing and Installation, Telecommunication, Machine Tool Practice, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration, Vehicle Maintenance. DURATION I ACADEMIC YEAR Entry Qualifications i Possession of the Polytechnic Certificate in relevant programmes as listed In (131) above or other certificates considered by the Polytechnic as equivalent. ii. A minimum of City and Guild Craft or W AEC Technical Part in the relevant field. C. SCHOOL OF ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY 1. Certificate Programmes in: Architectural Draughtmanship, Architectural Modeling, Techniques, Building Technology, Quantity Surveying, Land Surveying, Housing and Transportation, Landscape Planning and Town Planning Model Making, Town Planning/Design, Public Utilities and Services, Tourism and Recreation Planning Duration I academic year Entry Qualifications: (i) A minimum of four Passes in English Language in SSC/GCE')NECO/ NABTE13/TCII obtained not more than two sittings. ii. Candidates with JSSC or equivalent and with not less than five years Working experience in relevant fields will be considered. 2. Advanced Certificate Programmes in: Architectural Draughtsmanship; Architectural Modeling Techniques, Building Technology; Quantity Surveying, Construction Management Land Surveying, Housing and Transportation Utilities and Services, Tourism and Recreation Planning Duration 1 academic year Entry Qualifications: The Polytechnic Certificate in the relevant field or any other certificate adjudged by the Polytechnic as equivalent. SCHOOL OF GENERAL STUDIES: II. Certificate Programme in: Mass Communication, Computer Appreciation & Operations, Computer Maintenance and Networking. Duration 1 academic year. Entry Qualifications 111. A minimum of four Passes including credit in English Language in SSC/GCE/NECO/NABTEB/TCII obtained at not than two sittings. IV. For computer, Candidates with JSSC Plus acceptable 5 years relevant working experience may be considered. 3. Advanced Certificate Programme in Mass Communication. Duration 1 academic year Entry Qualifications: (i) Polytechnic Certificate in Mass Communication, (ii) Four Passes of which three must be at Credit levels; including English Language obtained at not more than two sittings 111 S SC/GCE/NECO/NABTEB/TCII. E. OTHER AVAILABLE CERTIFICATE COURSES/ DURATION 4. Certificate in Electric Motor Rewinding and Repairs 5. Certificate in Electrical Installation 6. Certificate in Advanced Eelectrical Installation 7. Certificate in Geographical Information System (GIS) 8. Certificate in Fisheries Technology 9. Certificate in Auto Mechanics 10. Certificate in Welding and Fabrication 11. Certificate in Fitting and Machining 12. Certificate in Foundry 13. Certificate in Refrigeration and Airconditioning 14. Certificate in Computer Literacy 15. Certificate in Computer Oparations 16. Certificate in Computer Maintanance 17. Certificate in Information Communication Technology F. EXECUTIVE PROGRAMME -- TAILORED TOWARDS THE NEEDS AND CONVENIENCE OF TIlE CANDIDATES/INSTITUTIONS Available for: 1. Corporate Bodies 2. Institutions 3. Individuals G. SPECIALIZED PROGRAMME FOR CANDIDATES WITH BASIC COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE (i) Basic Programming ) Visual Basic (VB) ) - 6 months Visual Basic Net (VB Net) (ii) Visual C (iii) Autocad for - Architects - Mechanical Enginners - Electrical Engineers - Structural Engineers (iv) Website Design Internet Access Networking JAVA Hypertext Mark-Up language - 6 months Admission Requirements on E and F: The minimum entry requirement is First School Leaving Certificate. However those who have School Certificate or equivalent shall be appropriately placed in the programme. METHOD OF APPLICATION Eligible candidates are required to pay the sum of N5,000.00 (five thousand naira) while certificate courses candidates would pay N3,000.00 (three thousand naira). Through Etransact at the following designated banks. Programme Bank 1. HND (MORNING/EVENING) Fidelity Bank, Federal Polytechnic Nekede Branch 2. ND (EVENING) Intercontinental Bank, Federal Polytechnic Nekede Branch 3. WEEKEND PROGRAMME (HND/ND/CERTIFICATE PROGRAMME) Spring Bank Owerri, Bank Road The closing date for the completion of forms online is 14th August 2010. Applicants should fill their forms online at www.federalpolynekede.net CHOICE OF PROGRAMME Candidates are advised to ensure that their programmes of first and second choice are selected from Departments where they met the minimum entry requirements. The programmes should be clearly Indicated. Candidates should also note that the number of available places in any of the programmes is limited. The possession of the minimum entry qualifications, therefore, does not necessarily guarantee admission.

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