Purchasing Manager

Cummins Nigeria
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Job Description
Job Title: Purchasing Manager
Ref No.: 140002BF
Location: Nigeria
Job: Supply Chain Management
Job Type: Experienced - Professional / Office
Job Outline:
  • Manages sourcing, quality, plant liaison, and business continuity planning within a business unit, commodity group, or international region to ensure continuity of supply.
  • Manages the purchasing within a business unit, commodity group, or international region for all materials, supplies, and equipment in support of corporate purchasing operations and goals.
  • Ensures purchasing activities reflect diverse requirements and overall business goals, as well as complies with all regulatory standards.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Manages end-to-end purchasing strategies and processes that capitalize on savings and risk mitigation opportunities for the business.
  • Builds strong supplier relationships and encourages a high level of supplier collaboration and delivery.
  • Solves complex matters of supplier performance.
  • Contributes to and implements overall purchasing strategy that provides foundation for supplier negotiations.
  • Mitigates risk and promotes compliance by establishing and maintaining valued relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Communicates regularly with purchasing team and business partners.
  • Identifies, plans, and implements continuous improvement opportunities within purchasing processes.
  • Actively supports and drives acceptance of standardized business system solutions across the supply chain.
  • Advises and consults with internal business partners on sourcing processes and procedures.
  • Actively supports the annual planning (AOP) at the business unit, commodity group, or international region level.
  • Presents sourcing and procurement issues and proposed solutions to purchasing leadership.
  • Actively promotes and uses Cummins’ fundamental operating mechanisms such as the Cummins Operating System (COS) and Six Sigma.
  • Develops, leads, and motivates staff; sets goals in training and development, performance, and career planning.
  • Required Skills & Experience:
  • Financial analysis - Applies financial analysis as part of their work. Is able to perform complex analysis (i.e. multiple account or multiple business analysis; new product or new business analysis, pricing analysis, statistical analysis) and is able to perform analysis in a wide range of work situations. Is able to interpret the results of financial analysis, draw conclusions, provide guidance and influence decisions. Identifies and leads analysis and is accountable for conclusions. Is able to train and coach others in financial analysis.
  • Able to use advanced MS Excel functionality.
  • Champion change - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of championing change. Plans proactive approaches to manage change processes.
  • Applies change management tools and processes in innovative ways to anticipate issues.
  • Considers change management implications in decision-making processes to anticipate potential barriers.
  • Uses a structured change management process for complex change efforts within a function or business unit.
  • Demonstrates the ability to coach others in change management processes and systems.
  • Motivate others - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of motivating others.
  • Establishes challenging performance standards and communicates them in a way that creates buy-in.
  • Demonstrates considerable skill in motivating people when they lack confidence.
  • Developed a reputation for creating a positive and productive work environment while focusing on bottomline results.
  • Set the aim - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of setting the aim. Helps others align their work to higher level organizational goals. Applies measurement standards in achieving results. Provides clear direction and priorities in larger scale initiatives that connect tasks and activities to overarching vision.
  • Negotiation with suppliers - I understand negotiation theory and tactics; I understand the commodity or service for which I am responsible, Cummins absolute business requirements, the supplier's TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and the potential trade-offs; I develop the strategy for and lead negotiations with suppliers to consistently deliver contracts that are easily managed by functional owners and operations.
  • Purchasing management - I am familiar with all fundamental purchasing and supply assurance principles and methodologies, and I apply them successfully as a matter of course in my daily work. I have achieved certification from one or more of the internationally-recognized certification bodies (such as Institute of Supply Management or Chartered Institute of Purchasing Supply
  • Supplier performance management - I understand functional roles and responsibilities requisite to appropriately manage supplier performance; I negotiate well-defined metrics and supplier management processes to ensure robust management by all functional stakeholders; I can assimilate cross-functional, cross-site performance data across geographies; I ensure suppliers understand their performance deficiencies and Cummins expectations relative to continuous improvement; I assist and direct suppliers relative to methodologies they can adopt to clearly understand their customer needs and improve their performance.
  • Supplier relationship management - Understands the need for effective supplier relationships. Manages supplier relationships and ensures that Cummins customers (plants, technical centers, support groups) and suppliers effectively resolve issues.
  • Leads strategic planning.
Additional Skills and Responsibilities:
  • Manage daily purchasing / commercial activities within PGBU Nigeria plant
  • Identify & drive localisation / material costs reduction opportunities
  • Run outsourcing feasibility study & own long term supply chain solution
  • Create & implement purchasing strategy for PGBU Nigeria
  • Aligned strategy with PGBU, Corporate commodities & regional supply chain initiatives
  • Develop Enclosure manufacturing capability aligned to corporate processes
  • Develop capable supply base in Region to support current business & growth plans
  • Improve localisation & cost effective imported supply to meet market driven lead times
  • Local / face to face relationship essential in region
  • Ensure robust Purchasing Controls – commercial, financial, technical & Legal / IP
  • Manage all daily Purchasing activity within PGBU Nigeria, including cross-Functional liaison
  • Collaboration with PGBU, ABO & other BU teams to drive best practice & development opportunities
  • Identify & execute material cost savings
  • Build sustainable professional talent in region
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements
  • Education, Licenses, Certifications:
  • College, university or equivalent degree in a related business field such as supply chain management required.

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Job Summary
October 9, 2014
Offer Type
Minimum of 0-1years
October 31, 2014
Procurement/ Purchasing
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