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Branch Accountant

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Job Description

Orange Group Nigeria is an FMCG company offering Pharmaceutical, Personal Care ,Lighting and Food and Beverage products.

Orange Group Limited is an equal opportunity organization with unlimited possibilities for active and creative minds. We attract some of the best hands in the industry as we continue to explore new frontiers.

Our Pharmaceutical, Beverage, Personal Care and Lighting products have become a part of the daily rituals people follow to care for themselves,
families, friends and homes. Over the years, the desire of the people in our companies to make a difference and impact lives has inspired every invention, every product, every breakthrough we've brought to the market. We've been making trusted household brands for more than twenty five years. From the products our pharmaceutical products that improve your health to sustainable lighting solutions, we're working towards a cleaner, healthier, better home for families in West Africa. All of us at Orange Group are privileged to put our purpose and passion to work every day, we never compromise because we know you cannot afford to.

Job Title: Branch Accountant

Job Description

  • We are recruiting qualified accounting professionals in our Kano state branch for a Branch Accountant
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements
  • With a minimum of 2 years work experience.

Method of Application

Qualified candidates resident in Kano should send their resumes before 19th August, 2016. Please use the position as your mail subject.
Multiple entries will not be treated.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Orange Group
Orange group operates from Lagos, Nigeria and for such a fast-paced, entrepreneurial business; some are surprised to learn our company's history spans over 25 years of innovation for consumers in West Africa. With a wholly- Nigerian heritage, Orange Group's drive for financial performance and excellent product delivery today can be seen in its deep roots. Orange Group Limited is an equal opportunity organization with unlimited possibilities for active and creative minds. We attract some of the b...
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Job Summary
August 15, 2016
Offer Type
Minimum of 2years
Salary Range
N0.00 - N0.00K
August 19, 2016
Finance / Accounting
Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
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