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Senior Manager Access Performance

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Job Description

MTN Nigeria is the leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, and a part of a diverse community in Africa and the Middle East, our brand is instantly recognisable. It is through our compelling brand that we are able to attract the right talents who we carefully nurture by continuously improving our employment offerings even beyond reward and recognition.

Job Title: Senior Manager Access Performance

Job Description

  • Develop a network performance and quality assurance methodology / framework to monitor and optimize Radio Access Network services and guide related activities within the NWG Division, defining standards, metrics and requirements.
  • Responsible for monitoring and ensuring best in Class voice Quality of Service. Monitoring, reporting and analysis of Radio Network performance indices, Taking proactive and corrective actions to keep and maintain these quality of Service KPIs above agreed targets delivering best in class Customer experience. Drive initiatives and interventions to improve Radio Network quality
  • Extract value from what we already have through divisional focused commercial activities such as: divisional business optimisation projects, contracts review and negotiation, capital/budget efficiency activities within division, etc.
  • Innovation – identifying and taking advantage of new business opportunities, e.g., through stimulating new business opportunities, divisional products launched, division product/process innovation, structural changes within division, etc.
  • Maintain leadership in the ICT/Digital industry by influencing state/local legislations & policies, participating in local level industry think-tanks, building & extending national B-2-B and similar relationships, etc.
  • Enhance/expand MTN’s role in the larger national and ecosystem through participation as a thought leader, executing local CSR projects, involvement in local industry non-ICT policy & think-tank activities etc.
  • Divisional people leadership activities: coaching, staff development and motivation through intra staff coaching, employee networks mentorship/support, own division employee engagement projects, faculty roles, inter/intra talent mentorship, etc.
  • Generic activities necessary for positive business outcomes such as: supporting recruitment, thought leadership as internal (interview/disciplinary) panel member, influencing next level leaders (e.g., at BPR) etc.

Develop framework to review network performance and ensure compliance in the following areas:

  • 3G Performance
  • 2G Performance
  • LTE Performance
  • Regulatory reporting and compliance
  • BSS operation and Quality assurance
  • Develop systems and processes to achieve quality assurance objectives by contributing information and analysis to strategic plans and reviews, preparing and completing action plans for the core network
  • Provide regular independent network performance reports to Management and statutory bodies (Nigerian Communication commission, etc).
  • Ensure adherence to regulatory QoS requirements and ensure Network Quality audit and assessment
  • Identify and correct wrongly measured parameters to be in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Following up with teams responsible for clearance of service/KPI impacting alarms & Node B HW issues for early resolution
  • Coordinate routine checks on 2G/ 3G RAN capacity resource utilization (CEs, Channel Cards, Licences on Node Bs, RNCs) and ensuring same does not impact KPIs
  • Drive optimal resource utilization and allocation
  • Develop Network Performance standard specification and provide reports on Network –Business impact assessment
  • Network Performance diagnosis, analysis and evolution trending for proactive planning and strategic agenda setting
  • Network Utilization analysis to ensure optimal resource CAPEX deployment
  • Ensure tests and procedures are carried out, evaluated and properly understood and ensure product modifications are investigated.
  • Providing regular independent performance reports to Management, Group and the Regulators indicating actual levels of key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (Voice, Data, ISM, Rollout reporting etc).
  • To provide an internal Network Quality and Audit function allowing independent and objective performance analysis of the network and its impact on the business including commercial promotion/activity impact analysis
  • Coordinate routine parameter Audit and consistency checks on PS and Ss Core nodes (including QoS and PCRF application audit)
  • Monitor PS and CS Core NE with the aim of identifying poor performance and escalating/follow up on Partners/other departments to improve

Job Condition:

  • Normal MTNN working conditions
  • May be required to work extended hours
  • Office space
  • Computer system
  • International and National travel
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Experience & Training

  • Fluent in English and language of country preferable
  • First degree in Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Master's degree in a relevant discipline added advantage
  • 10 years’ work experience, including:
  • Manager track record of 3 years or more; with at least 3 years in relevant sector/ industry
  • Worked across diverse cultures and geographies advantageous
  • Experience in 2G and 3G planning and/or Operations
  • Experience in core planning/Operation/Performance
  • Above average knowledge and experience in all access technologies
  • Sound understanding of call and data service architecture and service flow
  • Build a capable and motivated team to create a high performance team environment
  • RAN – (2G, 3G, LTE) planning and optimization
  • Through Understanding of (through professional experience and training) of 3GPP standards and implementation processes, including: Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems (UMTS), Long Term Evolution (LTE), Code Division Multiple Access Technology (CMDA) and Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax
  • Network performance and statistics
  • Vendor and experts management

Minimum Qualification

  • BEng, BSc, BTech or HND.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About MTN Nigeria
MTN Nigeria is part of the MTN Group, Africa's leading cellular telecommunications company. On May 16, 2001, MTN became the first GSM network to make a call following the globally lauded Nigerian GSM auction conducted by the Nigerian Communications Commission earlier in the year. Thereafter the company launched full commercial operations beginning with Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.MTN paid $285m for one of four GSM licenses in Nigeria in January 2001. To date, in excess of US$1.8 billion has b...
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Job Summary
August 19, 2016
Offer Type
Minimum of 10years
Salary Range
N0.00 - N0.00K
August 31, 2016
IT/ Software /Telecom /Engineering/ Technical
ICT / Telecommunications
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