Teacher Trainer, Role 2

Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO)
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Job Description

VSO is the world’s leading independent international development organisation that works through volunteers to fight poverty in developing countries. Our high-impact approach brings people together to share skills, build capabilities, promote international understanding and action to change lives and make the world a fairer place.

We are recruiting to fill the position of:

Job Title: Teacher Trainer, Role 2

Contract Duration: 24 Months

Role Overview

  • This role will support the transformation and improvement of the Education system in Nigeria.

Job Purpose

  • To conduct research on governance and policy and how it relates to youth development in Nigeria.
  • To develop and assist in implementing VSO Nigeria programs that will promote and enhance youth engagement in governance.
  • To work with VSO Nigeria in striving to improve youth related policies in Nigeria


  • The volunteer will primarily be based with the ESSPIN office in ENUGU, and will work with the State School Improvement Team (SSIT) and State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) to strengthen understanding of education systems, school improvement and classroom practice.

The volunteer will have a range of tasks and activities:

  • Will be part of Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria's (ESSPIN) School Improvement Team programme with a particular focus in Enugu. There are often opportunities where the Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN) colleagues, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) colleagues and VSO come together to share ideas and practices.
  • Work closely with the ESSPIN Education Quality Specialist, to support the improvement of the quality of education in the two locations.
  • SSIT (State School Improvement Team) have been trained by ESSPIN and SUBEB for the past three or four years .
  • The team is made up of school inspectors, head teachers, teachers, university lecturers, LGEA workers and others.
  • The volunteer will continue to support the training of the SSIT in child centred methodologies such as group work, using teaching aids, asking open questions, assessment methods, raising self esteem, behaviour management etc. as well as giving subject specific support in literacy and numeracy.
  • Travel within the state, to the local LGEAs to support and work along the SSIT as they train and support the training in the schools.
  • There will also be the opportunity to travel to and work in other ESSPIN states , supporting the wider programme.

Key Performance Indicator

  • The performance indicators will be jointly developed with the employer upon final agreement on work objectives


  • Building and Sustaining working relationships: The social skills to build and actively maintain working relationships that foster teamwork and collaboration with others for the benefit of a common goal.
  • Open Minded and Respectful: A non-judgemental approach that values other people and culture.
  • Seeking and Sharing Knowledge: Recognition that learning is a two-way and continuous process.
  • Facilitating Positive Change: The ability to analyse problems and develop lasting solutions in line with VSO approaches.
  • Adaptability: A flexible approach and the ability to adapt behaviour to different situations.
  • Resilience: The self-confidence to work with a variety of situations, diverse people and ambiguity.

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Skills and Knowledge

  • Bachelor's Degree or Post-graduate Degree in Education
  • A minimum of 4 years teaching experience
  • Experience in teaching literacy and numeracy.
  • Knowledge and experience of working with government officials
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Ability to adapt knowledge and experience to Nigeria
  • Ability to support others to adapt ideas to their own context
  • Good understanding of subject matter - primary education


  • Ability to handle responsibility
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to maintain good working relationship
  • Good communication skills- creativity in problem solving & conflict resolution
  • Enthusiastic and good team player
  • Experience of working with and/or developing participatory programmes for children (this would be helpful).

Interview/Assessment date(s)

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should register online.

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Job Summary
August 24, 2016
Offer Type
Minimum of 4years
Salary Range
N0.00 - N0.00K
September 30, 2016
Teaching / Education Services
NGO / International Agencies
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