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Senior Logistics Coordinator

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Job Description

Christian Aid (CA) is a UK-based international NGO, partnering with others to end poverty in Africa. At the heart of this vision is the transformation of the lives of people who live in poverty, empowering them to have a brighter future. Christian Aid works in more than 30 countries and has been operating in Nigeria since 2003. The Nigeria Country programme focuses on Community Health and HIV, Accountable Governance including humanitarian response and Gender.

Job Title: Senior Logistics Coordinator

Job Ref: 1172
Location: Maiduguri
Department: International
Reports to (Job Title): Programme Manager Humanitarian

Role Purpose

  • To be responsible for managing and leading the setup of all emergency response logistics functions and responsibilities and will manage the logistics staff.
  • This role will report to the Project Manager Humanitarian and will support the Programme Manager Humanitarian on the best use of Christian Aid’s resources.
  • The role will include logistics support to large and/or complex programmes, with a broad spread of programmes, staffing, thematic interventions, and complexity.
  • As such, the role may include remote management, management of multiple field bases or direct line management of a large single project or function.
  • The role will involve significant travels to Christian Aid project sites in Borno, Adamawa and Gombe States.
  • The post-holder will learn lessons from each assignment to help improve future practice.

Role Context

  • Role is in the International programme role family. The post holder will directly manage and support the humanitarian work in Maiduguri, partner programmes and externally represent Christian Aid where appropriate. In addition the post holder will provide technical guidance and support to our staff and partners ensuring that logistics and procurements are carried out in accordance with Christian Aid’s and donor requirements.

Key Outcomes

  • Management of all programme logistics in Christian Aid project areas - Borno, Adamawa and Gombe; implementing the country logistics policies and procedures for the management of the supply chain, including procurement, transport and distribution, warehousing and stock management, and for the management of vehicle fleets, communication systems, and assets.
  • Establishing of minimum standards of logistics procedures in line with country policies and roll out of these standards, ensuring that the standards are adhered to by relevant staff as required
  • Managing and supporting logistics staff including security guards and drivers, ensuring appropriate team structures, clear division of responsibilities, clear objectives, and management of performance
  • Providing advice and support to Programme Manager Humanitarian on logistics issues, and collaborating with staff on budgets, technical aspects of the programme, and implementation mechanisms as required
  • Where appropriate, be responsible for developing and implementing emergency preparedness strategies across the logistics aspects of the operation
  • Providing logistics training and capacity building as required across the programme
  • Ensuring implementation of the security protocols by the drivers and guards, as well as through procurement procedures and any other areas of work.

Role requirements

  • External The role holder will have contact with vendors, donors, auditors, stakeholder at State and National levels.
  • Internal The role holder will work closely with the humanitarian team in Maiduguri, closely liaising with Finanace, Administrative, Governance and Health teams in Abuja .

Decision Making:

  • Required to make significant decisions on programme work in the country informed by Christian Aid strategic focus group
  • Significant decisions on procurement and logistics management in country
  • Decisions are made in order to manage a team, coordinate logistics, procurements and day to day administration to ensure that the humanitarian work in Maiduguri is successfully managed

Analytical Skills:

  • Problems or issues need detailed information gathering, investigation and analysis including assessment of benefits and risks of different courses of action.
  • Initiative and judgement needs to be applied regularly in the course of day-to-day work. Expected to make direct contribution to improved performance, whether through own area of work or participation in cross-disciplinary projects.

Developing self and others:

  • May have formal responsibility for others including direct responsibility for performance management and developing plans to improve the performance of staff, volunteers or others; may have project management responsibility for directing work of others and taking responsibility for ensuring that work quality and professional standards are maintained.
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience

Other Requirements

Person Specification
Applied skills/knowledge and expertise:


  • Educated to Degree level or its equivalent.
  • Significant prior INGO experience in logistics management, within a complex/large scale country programme and in emergency response/humanitarian environments
  • Substantial experience in all technical areas of logistics operations including procurement, transport/distribution, warehousing and stock management, fleet management, asset management, communications, and security
  • Experience of developing / implementing a complex international supply chain to support different types of programmes, and coordinating resources to meet the programme objectives
  • Experience of working in remote field bases with limited infrastructure
  • Proven track-record in managing and supervising others in logistics, including training and capacity building
  • Ability to synthesize and analyze complex information, and make clear, informed decisions
  • Experience of advising and supporting others at all levels with logistics aspects of a programme, including strategic thinking and planning.
  • Ability to build relationships quickly with a wide range of people, both internally and externally
  • Excellent planning, management and coordination skills, with the ability to organise a substantial workload comprised of complex, diverse tasks and responsibilities
  • Strong communication (written and spoken), and interpersonal skills in English


  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Good understanding of grant donor financial, procurement and administrative management regulations especially multilateral donors.
  • Ability to build and maintain a good network of contacts and service providers

IT Competency required:

  • Intermediate

Competency profile

  • LEVEL 2: You are expected to be able to:

Build partnerships:

  • Take on different work when necessary to achieve a team or organisational goal.
  • Actively consult with others to ensure you understand their needs or goals.
  • Listen to and take on board fresh perspectives and views even if you initially disagree with them.
  • Maintain on-going relationships with individuals and contacts through networks, based on mutual rapport and respect.

Communicate Effectively:

  • Make complex things simple for the benefit of others.
  • Actively listen and question to check your understanding and draw out others when they are not expressing themselves clearly or seem to be holding back.
  • Be sensitive to what others may be feeling, based on what they say, how they say it and their non-verbal behavior, adapting your style and approach to fit.
  • Address difficult issues when they arise, being honest and open.

Steward Resources:

  • Implement ways to reduce the inefficient use of resources or pass the ideas on to someone who can make them happen.
  • Estimate the resources needed to achieve your own work plans or objectives and to deliver them in the most efficient and cost effective way.
  • Set and communicate realistic timelines for achieving tasks, working out how best to adapt as priorities change or unforeseen circumstances arise.

Deliver Results:

  • Prioritise, plan and monitor own work to meet own and team deliverables to agreed performance or quality standards.
  • Acknowledge others’ priorities whilst being prepared to say “no” if there are genuine reasons why their needs cannot be met.
  • Use logical processes and relevant tools and techniques to report on information or analyse options.
  • Make timely and considered recommendations or decisions based on analysis of available data, information and evidence.

Realize Potential:

  • Evaluate your own work and actively address gaps in knowledge and skills, without prompting.
  • Recognize how you react to feedback and manage reactions positively, acting on specific feedback from others.
  • Share your knowledge where it will help others to be more effective.
  • Provide instruction, constructive feedback and guidance to others to help them learn.

Strive for Improvement:

  • Constructively challenge existing practice.
  • Seek better ways of doing things, taking into account the possible implications.
  • Make positive suggestions on a way forward when faced with challenges even if these fall outside own scope of work.
  • Look inside and outside Christian Aid for new ideas and evaluate them for own work.


Interview Date
7th April, 2017.

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This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Christian Aid (CA)
Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.Christian Aid is the official relief and development agency of 41 British and Irish churches, and works to support sustainable development, stop poverty, support civil society and provide disaster relief in...
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Job Summary
March 14, 2017
Offer Type
Salary Range
N7,300,000.00 - N7,400,000.00K
March 19, 2017
Transportation / Logistics / Supply
NGO / International Agencies
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