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Young Accountant (KANO)

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Job Description

Global Profilers is a Recruitment & HR Services firm specialized in recruitment in Africa; we are currently looking for an Accountant for our client who is a midsized agricultural firm.


* Responsible for applying accounting principles and procedures and ensures compliance
* Analyse financial information
* Prepare accurate and timely financial reports and statements
* Ensure appropriate accounting control procedures
* Maintaining financial records for subsidiary firms. This includes overseeing changes in asset management such as disposal or location, and the addition of new purchases. Generate reports on new asset purchases, capitalization, management and disposal of a company's assets
* Conducts periodic reviews, audits and inventory as necessary along with providing guidance to department managers
* Capable of conducting periodic audits or inventory of the holding company or subsidairies' assets
* Manage collections for invoices, generate reports reflecting payments or collection activities and ensure that all financial records are current

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements


* Bachelor’s Degree in accounting
* At least 2-3 years experience in the management of financial systems and budgets, financial reporting, financial data analysis, auditing, taxation and providing financial advice
* ACA or ACCA experience preferred

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Global Profilers
Globalprofilers is an international recruitment & HR consultancy company, we are providing a wide range of recruitment and selection services to local and international companies in Africa. GlobalProfilers provide a wide range of recruitment and selection services to companies in Africa. We recruit across wide range of sectors and professions in entire African region. Finding it takes specialized market knowledge combined with a genuine understanding of individual cultures & local requirements.O...
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Job Summary
March 30, 2017
Offer Type
Minimum of 2years
Salary Range
N0.00 - N0.00K
May 30, 2017
Finance / Accounting
Agriculture/ Agro Allied
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