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Delphi Metals is recruiting for Full time Accountant

Job Description

Book-keeping and Accounting: To oversee and manage the accounting books and records of the firm and ensure that all financial transactions are accurately and promptly posted into the accounts ledgers of the firm;

Internal Control and Reporting: To Implement and maintain an effective internal control system and financial control. Provide accurate and informative reporting on the financial results of the firm that will enable effective management decisions;

Financial System Management: To ensure that the financial systems and processes implemented are efficient and effective, and support the internal controls processes and procedures. These must be maintained and re-engineered on a continuous basis to ensure at all times that they are effective and efficient;

Financial Management: To ensure that there is accurate accounting in accordance with Nigerian accounting standards, that facilitates effective reporting and decision-making;

Budgeting: To ensure that there is an accurate and effective budget process in place to ensure sound financial control and reporting, and forecasting of financial results;

Other Functions: Performing other related duties and responsibilities as directed.

Reporting line : Reports to the Senior Accountant, but interfaces with the Management as necessary

Supervision : Candidate will work under the direct supervision of the Senior Accountant.

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Demands of the Job:

• Ability to keep confidential and observe the utmost discretion in all matters relating to the Company.

• Ability to recognize financial events and consequences of actions; exercise good judgment with value added recommendations.

• Ability to organise, prioritise and evaluate work as well supervise and direct subordinates

• Ability to use Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc. for presentation and reporting;

• Ability to work with minimal/no supervision;

• Ability to multi task with minimal or no error; and • Ability to be a proactive thinker and an excellent problem solver.


• B.Sc in Accounting.

• HND in Accounting.

Required Personality : Proactive, confident, problem solver, energetic, result driven, honest, articulate and hardworking individual with a strong desire to excel and a passion for the work.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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Delphi Metals is a wholesale and retail jewelry company that specializes in  sterling silver, titanium and pure gold.Our main focus is geared towards offering exceptional and superior service to our clients. We offer a wide range of quality products and provide superb service to our customers. We take pride in our selection of fine jewelry and our unique style of customer service....
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Job Summary
March 16, 2020
Offer Type
Full time
Salary Range
N600,000.00 - N840,000.00K
March 19, 2020
Finance / Accounting
Ecommerce / Retail / Wholesales
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