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Job Description

Palladium Group is a privately owned real estate company. Its core businesses are Portfolio and Development investments. The Group invests for its own account and in partnership with private and institutional investors. Its knowledge and expertise allow for a combination of efficiency and quality of life aspects through a global approach to residential and commercial projects. Palladium Group covers all facets of real estate, from urban and architectural design to ownership, development, asset and property management, as well as maintenance of single assets and portfolios. The Company started as a general contractor over a hundred years ago. In the twenties, the Company evolved by beginning to construct several buildings in Paris together with associated property management business activities to enhance and create additional synergies and value for the construction company. Through the years, the Group expanded its activities throughout Western Europe, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, as well as the United States and most recently into Saudi Arabia.

Job Title: Admin Officer

Project Overview and Role:

  • Stamping out Slavery in Nigeria (SoSiN) is a 4 year DFID Nigeria programme which aims to change or reduce the behaviours, attitudes, and social norms in Edo State that drive or enable human trafficking.

The project seeks to achieve the impact that more effective Government and non-Government institutions reduce the drivers and enablers of unsafe migration and trafficking through three components:

  • Strengthened Edo State Government response to preventing unsafe migration and human
  • trafficking: more effective and innovative use of resources – human, financial, physical, political and
  • network assets – supports a ‘whole of government’ approach to preventing unsafe migration and
  • human trafficking through social and attitudinal change;
  • Improved coordination, innovation and quality of NGO response to preventing unsafe migration and
  • human trafficking: better coordinated and more effective civil society tackling the drivers and
  • enablers of human trafficking;
  • A stronger evidence base for action in anti-slavery prevention, with learning platforms operating and
  • informing policy and interventions: the use of evidence and sharing of best practices becomes
  • embedded in ways of working, to deliver improved performance not only in Nigeria, but globally.


  • This role is based in Benin City, Nigeria

Human Resources

  • Oversee personnel and HR related matters including record keeping for annual and sick leaves. 
  • Support training of new programme employees on financial management 
  • Ensure that security standards and procedures are in place and adhered to. 

Contracts & Contracts Management

  • Negotiation, preparation and management of all contracts of suppliers and service providers relating to programme operations. 
  • Work with relevant leads to contract grantees and technical experts. 
  • Ensure compliance with other regulatory requirements relating to the employment of staff and all assets procured or leased by the project Ensure that the general office facilities are running smoothly. 
  • Support programme staff in hiring management of subcontractors including review of Terms of Reference and negotiating fee rates of subcontractor consultants 
  • Ensure that the general office facilities are running smoothly.

Office Administration

  • Develop, maintain and improve office management systems (e.g. trackers, electronic filing structure, contracts files) as necessary. 
  • Tracking of inputs and deliverables of consultants and other contractors. 
  • Establish and ensure that IT systems are in working order and problem solve where necessary. 
  • Provide oversight of all office logistics, including local transport, preparing for team meetings and ensure other programme events are properly executed. 
  • Manage programme assets and asset register. 
  • Complete all other tasks requested by the Team Leader and Operations Manager.
  • Ensure that original company documents are properly secured;
  • Provides administrative and logistical support in organizing workshops, events, trainings etc, including preparing the necessary documentation.
  • Arranges flight for all domestic air travels as per request(s) approved by the country representatives.
  • Liaises with Travel agent in for both local andinternational travel.
  • Facilitates visa processing for visiting international consultants (writing invitation letters, obtaining travel approval at Immigration services etc).
  • Arranges hotels and arranges transport for all visitors.
  • Responsible for arranging hotels and accommodation for workshop/meeting/training based on selection of vendors made by committee/management.
  • Coordinates transport arrangement for the overall program activities as per the request in a timely manner and ensures the information is accurately in the logbook and up to date.
  • Consolidates vehicle needs assessments from work units and administer drivers’ assignment for transport services.
  • Provides historical reference by developing and utilizing filing and retrieval systems.
  • Establish and manage all procurement and logistics activities including management of vehicles and drivers.
  • Ensure proper use and maintenance of physical assets and office, including vehicles, equipment, furniture, and office building. Arrange for repairs as necessary.
  • Serves as security liaison and manages information for the security of staff office, and physical assets belonging to the organisation and ensuring DFID fulfils security related regulations.
  • Maintain appropriate security information networks (internal and external), and ensure effective and accurate security briefings for all new staff and international visitors.
  • Maintain a high-quality procurement system, which is accountable, transparent and compliant with Palladium Procurement Policy and DFID requirements.
  • Undertake supply and service provider pre-qualification, conduct market research, identify and recommend legitimate local suppliers or contractors through systematic evaluation and maintaining a database of potential and active suppliers/contractors.
  • Manage information around safety policies and procedures and communicate update to all staff.
  • Maintain historical archives required by clients/government tax offices Corporate Support and Logistics
  • Liaise with Travel Service Provider representative regarding travel issues and ensure value for money is obtained; 
  • Arrange and coordinate official travel arrangements for employees and consultants as required including booking flights, hotel accommodation, airport pickups and car transfers;
  • Ensure effective coordination with the car hire driver(s) including proper scheduling to ensure that employees are supported to attend meetings and events
  • Maintain a database of vendors supplying office services including car hire, service providers
  • Coordinate employee meetings, events and other relevant office meetings as requested;
  • Coordinate local insurance for staff and serve as a point of contact with providers; Financial Management Support 
  • Monitor service provider contracts, review invoices, and prepare payment approval forms;
  • Liaise with local and regional accounts payable to ensure the timely submission of payments;
  • Manage petty cash and request replenishment where required;
  • Ensure all emergency procedures and numbers are available and distributed to all staff, visitors and relevant partners;
  • Conduct periodic checks to ensure the safety of occupants;
  • Report any unsafe work areas or security incidents to the Security team
  • Ensure regular maintenance of office repairs and utilities in coordination with the building facilities manager
  • Maintenance of the office communications tree and interaction with the country communications plan;
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Required Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or equivalent qualification in related subject.
  • Minimum of 3 year administrative/ logistics and fleet management experience in an international NGO.
  • Proficient in use of Microsoft words and Excel. Strong organizational and prioritization skills. Fluency in speaking, reading, and writing English.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Level of professionalism displayed | Quality of correspondence developed |Level of professionalism and quality of image portrayed of the organization | Effectiveness in managing the office equipment/machines
  • Effectiveness in maintaining and updating as required, in a manual and electronic form, a good filing system which ensures that documentation is easily accessible
  • Effectiveness of event managed
  • Optimal cost control through utilization of available resources and keeping the actual admin expenditures within budgeted expense ratio
  • Uninterrupted communication facilities
  • Timely and cost-effective booking of tickets, cabs, hotels for staff travelling
  • User satisfaction and level of service delivery improvements reported.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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Job Summary
March 18, 2020
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 3years
April 1, 2020
Administration/ Office/ Operations /Secretarial / PA
Engineering / Construction
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