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TechnoServe is an international non-governmental organization that promotes business solutions to poverty in the developing world.  TechnoServe's mission is to work with enterprising people in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries.  It does this by linking people to information, capital and markets.  TechnoServe is registered in the US as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and headquartered in Washington, DC.  Its staff of over 1,000 employees operates from 30 country offices in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 

Applications are invited for:

Job Title: Consultant - State Partnership for Agriculture Program
Locations:  Benue, Kaduna and Kogi

Program Goal

  • The project aims to use a systems-change approach to re-orient and strengthen key State actors involved in the transformation of the agricultural system/sector.

Background on the Project

  • In partnership with Synergos Development Innovations, TechnoServe is working to transform the agricultural sector through the State Partnership for Agriculture (SPA).
  • SPA uses a systems change approach to re-orient and strengthen key state actors in the sector in Benue, Kogi and Kaduna.
  • As a consulting partner to Synergos, TechnoServe is providing implementation support aimed at improving decision-making at the federal and state levels, engaging critical private sector partners to promote agricultural investment, and conducting capacity building interventions.

The objectives of the SPA project are stated below:

  • Improving the ability of state-level government leaders to make informed agricultural policy choices and align around a focused set of high priority agricultural initiatives that unblock systemic constraints.
  • Establishing State-level Core Delivery Teams to guide the implementation of high-priority agricultural innovation initiatives that target systemic bottlenecks and opportunities across key value chains. With Core Delivery Teams, developing a portfolio of innovation initiatives (up to 6 per state) that advance state agricultural priorities.
  • Ensuring the sustainability and replication of agricultural productivity impacts beyond the grant, including to other states, by embedding the SATA model and approach within the FMARD and/or other relevant agricultural development institutions.

Through the SPA project, agricultural stakeholders in the various States are grouped into three main platforms:

  • Agricultural Vision Group (AVG): coalition of high-level state and federal-level government officials and private sector representatives.
  • Agricultural Innovation Group (AIG): network of farmers, farmers’ associations, small business owners, civil society and government representatives.
  • Core Delivery Team: consisting of 6 to 8 leaders recruited from within the state agriculture system. Members of the CDT already have as their core job the delivery of agricultural priorities within the state.

Purpose of the Assignment

  • The broad aim of this assignment is to collect data from Cashew farmers on specific value chains in Kogi State.
  • The primary data collection process is important to ensure an updated database of farmers in cashew value chain and to provide necessary information useful to TechnoServe and Synergos as well as other development organizations and Government agencies for effective market linkage, provision of services (i.e. inputs, financial services) and intervention programs being developed to enhance productivity across the value chain.
  • The information gathered will also go a long way to serve as informative guide for policy makers, farmers, buyers, investors and other stakeholders.

Scope of Data Collection
The data collection process will involve:

  • Primary data collection: where information would be elicited directly from farmers. This information includes:
    • Demographic information
    • Information cashew crop
    • Agronomic information such as variety, size of farms, size of trees (for tree crops), age of tree etc.
    • Every other information included in the template provided.

Database Access

  • The database access will be available to Synergos, as well as TechnoServe.  

Data Collection Methodology

  • The Consultants is expected to collect: Primary data
  • The Consultants will be expected to develop a systematic and detailed methodology for data collection and database management.

Expected Deliverable 
The required outputs of this consultancy will be as follows: 

  • Data collection tools which would be submitted within five days after acceptance of the methodology for review and approval by TechnoServe Nigeria.
  • Database for farmers.
  • Presentation of the key findings to TechnoServe.
  • The final report which shall be submitted within five days incorporating TechnoServe’s inputs.

Time Frame
The assignment should be carried out within a maximum period of 20 working days within the given time frame and not beyond 20th July, 2018. Below is suggested work plan for the evaluation:

Activities & Days:

  • Sign contract, meet with TNS & review all relevant existing documents such as project proposal (1 Day)
  • Develop data collection tools and database template (2 Days)
  • Train research assistants/enumerators (2 Days)
  • Data collection (10 Days)
  • Analyze data and write report on the findings in draft form (2 Days)
  • Present findings to TechnoServe for review and approval (1 Day)
  • Write final report on the findings, including the changes recommended by TechnoServe (2 Days)
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Qualifications of the Lead Consultant

  • At least a Master’s degree in Agriculture or related area (Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Agricultural extension, Farm management, Statistics)
  • Over 5 years of significant Agriculture related research/work experience.
  • Applied quantitative research experience and database management
  • Experience carrying surveys or research for development organizations.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Proven data collection experience (Attached at least two samples of past work done)

Selection Criteria 
The following weighting and points will be assigned to the proposal for evaluation purposes: 

Technical Proposal - 40%:

  • Project Approach/Methodology (10 points (maximum))
  • Quality of Work Plan and Field Plan (20 points (maximum))
  • Project Deliverables - 10 points (maximum)

Management Proposal -30%:

  • Project Team Structure - 10 points (maximum)
  • Description of Internal Controls - 10 points (maximum)
  • Experience of firm - 10 points (maximum)

Cost Proposal - 30%  - 30 points (maximum)

Terms and Conditions

  • The Request for Proposal is not and shall not be considered an offer by TechnoServe. 
  • All responses must be received on or before the date and time indicated on the RFP.  All late responses will be rejected. 
  • All unresponsive responses will be rejected.
  • All proposals will be considered binding offers. Prices proposed must be valid for entire period provided by respondent. All awards will be subject to TechnoServe contractual terms and conditions and contingent on the availability of donor funding.  
  • TechnoServe reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or cancel the solicitation process at any time and shall have no liability to the proposing organizations submitting proposals for such rejection or cancellation of the request for proposals.  
  • TechnoServe reserves the right to accept all or part of the proposal when award is provided. 
  • All information provided by TechnoServe in this RFP is offered in good faith. Individual items are subject to change at any time, and all bidders will be provided with notification of any changes.  TechnoServe is not responsible or liable for any use of the information submitted by bidders or for any claims asserted therefrom. TechnoServe reserves the right to require any bidder to enter into a non-disclosure agreement. 
  • The bidders are solely obligated to pay for any costs, of any kind whatsoever, which may be incurred by bidder or any third parties, in connection with the Response. All responses and supporting documentation shall become the property of TechnoServe, subject to claims of confidentiality in respect of the response and supporting documentation, which have been clearly marked confidential by the bidder.  

How to Apply
Interested and qualified consultants (individual, team and firm) are invited to submit their Proposals, comprising a Technical and Financial Proposal, their Daily Rate (including the rates for enumerators) and CV's for the suggested work team Using the Subject Line "Application for SPA Data Collection".  

Applications should also include the following:   

  • Description of firm’s performance on past projects 
  • CVs of key personnel
  • A brief outline of a proposed design and methodology
  • Detailed budget in Naira, with applicable tax clearly identified 
  • Requested payment terms and conditions  


  • CV of the applicant 
  • A Database sample 
  • A brief outline of a proposed design and methodology
  • Estimated evaluation budget in Naira, including the applicant’s daily rate and any required additional non-TechnoServe personnel.  
  • List of 3 referees who can attest to the applicant’s experience and expertise as it relates to this project and this ToR.  


  • All Proposals must be in English language and no longer than 7 pages single-spaced for individual applicants, or 10 pages single-spaced for Firm applicants (equivalent in Times New Roman 10-point font) 
  • TechnoServe reserves the right to award the contract to the organization whose proposal is deemed to be in the best interest of TechnoServe and the Donor. 
  • The Firm or Individuals with the winning proposal(s) will be notified in writing.  Those who were not selected may or may not be notified, at the sole discretion of TechnoServe. 

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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