Dealership Management System Administrator

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Job Description

Coscharis Group is a reputable conglomerate with strong presence in automobile (having franchise of premium cars/vehicles) and with business interests in other major sectors of the economy and recently, we have ventured into commercial agriculture

Due to continuous growth in our operations; the role below is to be filled by qualified, young and dynamic candidates with the required skills/knowledge:

Job Title: Dealership Management System Administrator

Key Responsibilities, Skills/Knowledge

  • Performing data analysis, forecasting and other research activities that guide decision making.
  • Extract, manipulate, and report data to meet management requests.
  • Running queries to analyze and cleanse data. Identify obsolete inventory, inactive customers and inconsistent data.
  • Handling the transfer of data from the existing system to the new platform, in the case of a new server
  • Knowing how large the database currently is and how fast it is growing in order to make predictions about future needs.
  • Creating capacity to handle the extra work-load.
  • Monitoring performance to show where the database should be tweaked to operate as efficient as possible, not waiting until a problem develops.
  • Restoring lost data.
  • Correcting issues to minimize damage.
  • Setting up employee rights
  • Controlling who has rights and what type of rights are allowed
  • Coordinating and updating DMS pricing liaising with Parts and other stakeholders.
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


SSCE /NABTEB /Diploma /ADN /OND /ND /NCE /B.Sc /B.Ed /B.Tech /HND
Desired Course
Computer Science
Other Requirements


  • B.Sc in Computer Science or related discipline.
  • Minimum of Five years relevant IT experience in a large organization.
  • Proven knowledge of using specialized software to store and organize data which includes roles such as capacity planning, installation, configuration, database design, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshooting, as well as backup and data recovery.
  • Having worked with Automobile company will be a plus.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Coscharis Group
Coscharis will deliver excellent products and services to our customers, giving them the highest value for their money and will officecontribute to societal development and progress by exploring and exploiting technological innovations, ploughing back resources for the society, providing fulfillment and a sense of pride in its employees; and will ensure the sustenance of these values by operating with increasing profit and waxing stronger and bigger into the future. The Coscharis group has over ...
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Job Summary
October 16, 2019
Minimum of 5years
October 29, 2019
IT/ Software
Automotive / Car Services
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