Finance - Accounts Receivable Intern

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Description is excited to offer internship positions in its Accounts Receivable Department. This position is only open to undergraduate students seeking Industrial Attachment. We offer an interesting work environment that gives our interns real world experience as well as a constructive outlet for their skills and talents.



-Assist Revenue Officers with managing invoices, reporting and filing financial records.
-Hands on experience with practical debt control strategies.
-Hands on experience with financial tools.


Minimum years of experience

Other Requirements


- Must be currently studying Business Administration, Accounting, Banking and Finance, and other related courses.
- Must be undergoing SIWES or Industrial Attachment program
- Must have a minimum CGPA equivalent to Second Class Upper or Upper Credit

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Job Summary
September 11, 2017
Offer Type
Full time
Finance / Accounting /Internship/ Industrial Training
Travels / Tourism
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