Freelance Academic Researchers


Are you a researcher with several quality academic research papers written?

Are you a scholar/lecturer/graduate assistant who has written some research projects, papers?

Are you a graduate who has successfully written your final year research project?

Are you a postgraduate student who has written some research work?


There is an opportunity to earn income by publishing/uploading your research work (papers, projects, thesis, seminars etc) on Afribary. Afribary is a fastgrowing research platform for African researchers to share and earn income from their research. When your research work is accepted and published on Afribary you earn money whenever people read or download your work.

Minimum years of experience

Other Requirements

What Kind of Work is Accepted on Afribary?

  • Final Degree research projects
  • Postgraduate degree/diploma research projects
  • Thesis and Dissertations
  • Seminar papers
  • Reseach papers published in journals
  • Well written research papers not yet published anywhere else (we review and publish)


Key Benefits of Publishing Your Research on Afribary

  • You Enhance Your Profile: Creating your academic profile and uploading your work on Afribary will give you more exposure. People can easily find your profile and see the details of your academic qualifications and achievement as well as your published work.
  • You Earn Money from Sharing Your Research: Afribary is the only online research platform that shares its subscription revenue with authors and researchers. You can easily update your bank details by going to 'Settings' on your dashboard to get paid monthly when people use your research.


Start now. Register here and Upload your Research Papers

If any company or recruiter demands money from you, please report to us immediately.

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Afribary is an online library for academic research papers and resources. We are curating research works from individuals and institutions across Africa....
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October 23, 2018
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