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Materials Engineering Lead

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WTS Energy is recruiting for Full time Materials Engineering Lead

Job Description

WTS Energy provides recruitment and manpower services for the global oil and gas and energy industries. We supply engineers and consultants to our clients' projects and operations, and perform employment outsourcing services such as workforce management in oil and gas regions around the world. WTS Energy operates globally with offices in 14 countries and is operational in over 50 countries.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Materials Engineering Lead

 Port Harcourt, Rivers

Job Description

  • Lead the Materials Engineering activities relevant to Corrosion and Material Selection, Metallurgy and Welding, Piping Material definition, Coating and Insulation and Cathodic Protection Systems, to optimize the performance of the main metallic and non-metallic materials used in onshore plants, offshore and floaters topside facilities and pipelines related to the Oil and Gas industry, Refinery processes, Urea and Ammonia plants in accordance with Project requirements within the assigned budget, time, schedule and quality standards
  • Ensure compliance with all Project interfaces and supervise in/out information flow
  • Contribute to the capitalisation of Project experience in order to improve and harmonize work methodologies through continuos improvement and best practices
  • Implement the Company guidelines and KPI monitoring within the Project
  • For Cathodic Protection systems, organize the work of personnel assigned to site operations


  • Ensure the execution of the engineering activities within own area of responsibility, works following the TM guidelines,
  • cooperates with the other Project positions and ensures the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements.

Tasks include
Know How, Research and Development Technology and Commercial Support:

  • Provide up to date information and support to technical, commercial and field depts. for developing sound engineering practices, specifications and procedures in the field of competence
  • Ensure that all activities performed in the field of competence are carried out following latest technical and scientific developments

Feasibility Phase:

  • Provide technical support to other Project positions for specialist aspects

Bidding phase/Commercial proposal:

  • Analyse and understand Tender documentation
  • Define Discipline list of activities and deliverables and coordinate activities in accordance with Project schedule
  • Identify technical queries, deviations and alternatives to be submitted
  • Implement bidding methodologies, design criterias and guidelines
  • Define and issue Request for quotation for not estimated in-house items
  • Coordinate material quantities and weight estimation
  • Prepare engineering manhour and material cost estimations
  • Support the Proposal Manager during technical clarification meetings with the Client

Project Execution and Operational Phase:

  • Ensure the achievement of the assigned goal and the fulfillment of the Project quality and contractual requirements. Take the necessary corrective actions within the Discipline Project Team to meet the assigned goal. Report to the TM for more extensive problems
  • Define list of activities and deliverables, setup time schedule, coordinate activities in accordance with contractual requirements
  • Ensure Discipline Project progress, monitor and control manhour consumption
  • Prepare technical annexes for engineering activities to be subcontracted
  • Ensure monitoring/reporting to PM of the Discipline budget costs
  • Ensure proper Discipline workflow, interfaces, quality checks and approval of all Discipline Project documents, including vendor ones
  • Track and report to TM Discipline scope of work changes updating manhour and cost estimates
  • Provide technical support to Project functions including Procurement and Construction
  • Support PM in technical interfacing with the Client (according to TM)
  • Define and issue Purchase Requisitions
  • Ensure Technical Bid Evaluations
  • Ensure Vendor follow-up activities
  • Provide technical support for the definition of the Discipline construction inspection plan
  • Manage Vendor inspection test plan approval and support post order activities

Construction and commissioning:

  • Support the construction team in implementing the engineering solutions at site

Discipline Lead activities:

  • Verify manhour and cost estimates
  • Check key Project documents according to internal procedures
  • Support Project teams to solve non standard technical issues
  • Update Discipline workflows and technical standards
  • Support execution plan definition
  • Monitor Discipline Project KPIs
  • Participate to Vendor technical qualification and to procurement strategy definition
  • Guarantee the technical support to projects in the materials engineering disciplines (Material selection and Corrosion,
  • Metallurgy and Welding, Piping Material definition, Coating and Insulation and Cathodic Protection)
  • Coordinate the Discipline Engineers in task force
  • Verify the consistency of the materials engineering documents on the specific project
  • Optimize technologies of the various disciplines in order to maximize the project performance
  • Activate, in case of project needs, specific technology developments potentially able to improve the project performance


    Job Requirements
    Minimum years of experience

    Other Requirements


    • Knowledge of Discipline engineering design criteria, methods and workflows from conceptual phase up to site engineering phase. Capability to define the technical documents set based on Project quantities and scope of work. Capability to perform and coordinate Project engineering documents production activities and to check and review design documents, prepared either internally or by Vendors.
    • Capability to manage all the interdisciplinary reviews needed to define and optimize the concerned engineering system.
    • Knowledge of main international Discipline standards, codes and regulations. Capability to analyse dedicated Project requirements in terms of local standards and codes and to identify proper implementation actions.
    • When required by the role, ability to mange the resolution of Engineering Non Conformity (NCR) at site supporting. Construction and / or Fabrication activities effectively interfacing project Team, Client and Vendor.
    • Capability to define the Project general rules and guidelines for Discipline quantities estimation either on Bid Projects or on Projects in execution, according to Corporate design standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to control and ensure the correct application of the general rules and guidelines by all team members and all subcontractors involved in quantity definition activities
    • Capability to estimate Discipline Work Orders and Bid Projects engineering man-hours budget based on the Project quantities and scope of work according to Corporate standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to estimate Discipline items costs budget based on Project quantities and technical requirements according to Corporate standards, procedures, methods and tools. Capability to monitor the relevant activity progress and the actual man- hours spent vs the earned progress
    • Capability to plan discipline engineering activities and documentation deliverables in order to meet Project schedule milestones considering design workflows and engineering interfaces with all other project disciplines and functions. Capability to manage dynamic changes due to endogenous and exogenous factors.
    • Capability to monitor project activity progress (single/multiple function activities) and to prevent potential issues with appropriate corrective actions. Contribute to Project reporting for the relevant engineering part.
    • Capability to handle subcontracted engineering work packages defining the scope of work, the milestones and documentation deliverables. Capability to control the quality, the costs and the timing of the subcontracted activities ensuring the compliance with project scheduling and goals and with contract requirements
    • Knowledge of the principles of metallurgy and materials science. Knowledge of the main metallic (and non-metallic) materials used in the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas sectors, their chemical, physical and mechanical properties, their applicability, limitations and costs and other relevant features e.g. market availability, shop and field fabrication, joining methods, etc.
    • Knowledge of manufacturing processes of products used in the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas sectors in different materials, such as: steel making, hot and cold forming (e.g. rolling, forging, drawing, extrusion, casting, etc.), heat treatment, welding and finishing operations and their influence on final mechanical and corrosion resistance properties.
    • Ability to draft Product Specifications for components used in the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas sectors, such as line pipes, hot induction bends, flanges and fittings, forgings, etc.. and knowledge of impacts of products properties on SAIPEM processes and technologies.
    • Knowledge of materials suppliers in the upstream and downstream Oil and Gas sectors, their capabilities and limitations. Ability to review suppliers' offers, perform technical alignments and evaluations and participate to technical meetings. Knowledge of materials destructive and non-destructive test methods used during products manufacturing, their applicability and limitations.
    • Knowledge of the main applicable Industry materials International standards and codes (such as ASME, API, ASTM, ISO, DNVGL, etc.) and ability to analyse Clients Specifications and standards.

    This job is no longer accepting applications.

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