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OSV Technical Manager - Nigeria

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Bourbon Interoil Nigeria Limited is recruiting for Contract OSV Technical Manager - Nigeria

Job Description

A leading international player in marine services, BOURBON offers to the most demanding oil & gas clients worldwide a full line of innovative, safe, high performance and new generation vessels and an expanded offer of offshore oil & gas services.
BINL recruits a OSV Technical Manager
To manage the Affiliate Technical Department to support the day-to-day operations& to ensure the integrity of the BOURBON fleet.
Duties & Responsibilities
- Implement & monitor the BOURBON maintenance policy according to Class & Flag regulations

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Higher vessel integrity & availability rates


  • Technical Downtime Rate
  • 4A KPI & 4B KPI

- Manage and maintain a fleet of vessels, on a routine basis, in safe and reliable conditions that it may continuously be utilized as per designed capacity and efficiency Manage Unplanned Maintenance Period (UPMP) aiming to reduce technical downtime and cost to the maximum


  • 4A& 4B KPI compliance
  • Cost index

- Define and monitor the OPEX/CAPEX technical budgets

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Cost Control
  • KPIs:
  • Budget and planning compliance

- Manage the Affiliate Technical Department activities and teams

Expected Outcomes: 

  • Efficiency of the department and competences development of the team


  • 100% of performance appraisals done

- Ensure fleet integrity in compliance with BOURBON Fleet Integrity policy
Expected Outcomes:

  • Higher availability rate


  • Number of statutory outstanding related to vessel integrity

- Report the Affiliate Technical activities (defects, feedbacks improvement…).Ensure effective use of CMMS and Task assistant
Expected Outcomes:

  • Monthly/quarterly reporting

- Ensure Q-HSE procedures applications within the department. Carefully analyze incidents in order to bring out root causes and implement corrective actions as necessary

Expected Outcomes:

  • Mitigation plan


  • TRIR and LTIR
  • Gaps closure

Technical manager – Roles and Responsibilities

  • Processes and standards: Technical Manager shall ensure that all processes and standards in place in BOURBON and in his/her Organization are properly implemented and respected, constantly strive for improvement. He/she shall promote an optimized use of the CMMS.
  • Team management: Technical Manager shall manage his/her department to guarantee Fleet reliability through an organized cost-effective and high quality maintenance, performed in a safe environment.
  • Representative role: Technical Manager represents his/her department in front of his/her Organization management, in the maintenance chimney and in front of support central entities such as BDO, BBS, BS, B3S department. He/she attends the TAC and is in charge of collecting all information and feedback from his/her team related to agenda topics prior to the seminar. He/she shall also consolidate weekly the 2S3O for his/her Organization and send it to BBS.

Crew Management procedure

  • Interviewing applicants for Chief Engineer and Second Engineer positions. Reliability and Maintenance procedure
  • Defining and leading the technical response;
  • Reporting as per Company requirements the urgent technical response progress to:
    • The Operations Manager,
    • OSV Fleet Manager
    • The Company Managing Director;
  • Reporting as per Company requirements the adapted technical response progress to:
    • The Operations Manager
    • OSV Fleet Manager
  • Ensuring that the requirements and expectations for Reliability and Maintenance are communicated and implemented within Technical Department and onboard all vessels under BOURBON jurisdiction.
  • Ensuring application of Maintenance Engineering and Consultancy Services Frame Agreement with Life Cycle within


  • Defining and leading the technical response;
  • Ensuring vessels compliance with Class and Flag requirements including certification;
  • Performing communication with Class society for all Machinery and Statutory matters;
  • Ensuring applicability of purchasing and supply chain proper management;
  • Ensuring planning management system review and update on regular bases including mission equipment on board;
  • Management and control for maintenance expenses OPEX/CAPEX;
  • Management of PMP schedule;
  • Ensuring timely preparation for PMP;
  • Ensure retention on board of the original of all class/flag certificates as per rules;
  • Ensure retention on board of the original or copy of equipment/Spare parts certificates as per class/flag rules
  • Arrange class/flag surveyors in due time to issue new certificates;
  • Report to corporate all non-conformities linked to certificates;
  • Forward to other entities, any certificates of equipment/parts removed from their fleet;
  • Report, on a weekly basis, the status of the critical equipment (2S3O report);
  • Coordinating Unplanned Maintenance Period (UPMP);
  • Coordinating Planned Maintenance Period (PMP), i.e. reviewing and updating Planned Maintenance Period schedule and monitoring preparation, follow-up and reporting with Technical Superintendents;
  • Scheduling Vessels Technical Survey and ensuring yearly achievement;
  • Ensuring proper use of Planned Maintenance System (PMS);
  • Coordinating vessel lay-up technical implementation and re-commissioning after lay-up    
  • Line reporting and functional linkage
  • Position reports to the OSV Fleet Manager
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Key skills
Technical Knowledge of wide array of OSV Vessels

  • Understand budget concept, evaluate needs effectively, gather and manage data, monitor and review against changes, continuous budget optimization.  - 3

Continuous Improvement

  • Identify, analyze and review key performance indicators. Take actions that optimize processes, performance and use of resources in the short and long term. - 3

Controlling Accounts Payable

  • Able to understand group analytical codification and know-how to book transactions accordingly  - 3

Customer Relationship

  • Know-how to manage customers relationships (internal & external): understanding needs, building relationship, influencing, offering added value solutions, collecting and evaluating client feedback. - 3

Data Analysis

  • Knowledge of data collection, data mining, data analysis, benchmarking and statistical techniques. Know-how to select data and use appropriately for research, business intelligence or in order to solve complex situations. - 3

Fleet Management

  • Knowledge of flag, class and port state requirements, Maritime national & international conventions and regulations
  • Technical knowledge of offshore support vessels types
  • Knowledge of the differents OSV operations techniques.  - 4


  • Emergency respond: Knowledge of structure and function of emergency response teams. Know-how to implement risk assessment methodologies
  • HSE Culture: Know-how to promote and lead HSE culture and awareness in his/her scope of responsibility
  • HSE Implementation: Able to adapt Corporate HSE guidelines into Affiliate Organization procedures related to his/her affiliate activities or how to develop HSE guideline applicable across the whole Group when his/her playing field is corporate
  • HSE Regulations: Knowledge of national and international HSE legislations and regulations: SOLAS, MARPOL, ISO14001, OSHA, etc…
  • Incident Investigation: Know-how to analyze and manage incidents (reporting, event management, investigation, root cause analysis, closure & follow-up)   - 3


  • Maintenance Technics: Knowledge of structural design and all technics (mechanical, electrical, structural…) related to hull, painting, machinery and know-how to supervise vessel conversion and operational maintenance (planned maintenance, conditional maintenance, corrective maintenance) and New Building if applicable
  • Dry Dock Management: Knowledge of drydock management. Ability to prepare drydock specifications (planning schedule, use of Refman software…) and to supervise maintenance plans (PMP and UPMP).
  • Maintenance Tools: Knowledge of maintenance tools and methodologies and know-how to implement a maintenance plan.  - 4

Maritime Insurance

  • Knowledge of Maritime insurance (Protection & Indemnity, Hull & Machinery). Ability to assess damage and knowledge of repair processes. Ability to review inspections reports and to address deficiencies   - 4

Marine Standards

  • Know industry standards: OVID, OSM standard, ISM, IMCA. Know-how to perform OSMSA related to his/her own scope of responsibilities -3


  • Know-how to develop internal & external network: identifying key contact, connecting, nurturing and building relationship and trust over time, using network to identify opportunities  -  2

Project Management

  • Know-how to plan, manage and monitor project activity, schedules, resources allocation, time scales and timelines with associated budget in order to deliver on time, within budget and at the required quality level.
  • Knowledge of project management tools (such as MS Project, Gantt...) and methodologies (such as Lean 6 sigma). Know-how to apply those in order to improve performance by optimizing and avoiding wastes.  - 3

Risk Management

  • Knowledge of Risk Management tools & methodology, know-how to perform risk assessments, know-how to build risk management processes related to his/her own scope and to implement risk mitigation plan.  - 3

Stress Management

  • Able to function effectively, react positively and retain self-control when under pressure, facing tight deadlines, changing circumstances, changing priorities, and simultaneous and/or conflicting requests.  - 3

Supplier Management

  • Able to source cost effective suppliers vs identified needs, negotiate & issue contracts and SLA’s, evaluate performance, build fair and long term relationships, audit against BOURBON, legal and regulatory requirements   - 2


  • Team Orientation


  • 5 years experience in Shore Technical Management
  • Highly Organized, Team Leader, Excellent Negotiation Skills, Multitasking Ability, Excellent Written and Oral Communication Skills, Ability to Work with a Variety of People, Industry Experience


  • English
  • French (advantageous)

Computer knowledge

  • Fully conversant with all MS Packages


  • Chief Engineer Degree

2 year assignment

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Job Summary
November 28, 2018
Offer Type
Minimum of 5years
Engineering/ Technical
Oil & Gas / Mining
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