Production Planning And Inventory Control Officer

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Job Description

Fadac Resources - Our client, a leading manufacturing company that specializes in consumable products. They produce products such as noodles, spaghetti, cooking vegetable oil, chin-chin and so on. 

They are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Production Planning And Inventory Control Officer

Location: Rivers

Job Description

  • Material procurement plans based on plans and stock conditions by calculating the production material requirements according to the ideal standard stock (there are minimum and maximum limits that must be available)
  • Monitor all inventory for the production process, stock in the warehouse or imported so that the implementation of market entry process and continue to run smoothly and in balance
  • Making evaluation of the production, sales and inventory conditions
  • Processing and analyzing data about the plan and realization of production and sales and inventory data
  • Calculating standard employee each year based on input from the production of direct observation
  • Calculating yield based on the realization of standards of production each year
  • Actively communicate with all parties concerned so as to obtain accurate data and up to date
  • Sales-Order Filtering of the Sales.
  • Develop a schedule for the production process at the time, route, & the right qty so that goods can be delivered on time and in accordance with customer demand.
  • Attempt at balancing the production line work.
  • Inform the Sales section if there is a problem in the production process that causes delay delivery.
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience

Other Requirements


  • On time delivery, Leadtime reduction, expediting, inventory levels and shipment execution.
  • Manage the procurement process of materials and establishment of delivery sequences to departments according to job order priorities and anticipated availability of material. Ensures the placed orders are delivered on time
  • Develop an ongoing process of review, measurement and maintenance of ERP master data including all replenishment triggers and lead-times.
  • Provide analysis and metrics and work with other manufacturing plants and strategic supply chain to drive improvements in lot sizes, order frequency, and lead times for all materials supplied internally and externally. Partner with strategic supply chain to optimize the supply network and resolve supplier performance issues.
  • With finance, develop inventory plans in support of the POR P&L. Create and manage materials forecast and budget. Deliver material inventory performance that optimizes Days on Hand (DOH), maximizes inventory turns.
  • Establish methods for review and disposition of excess and obsolete inventory.
  • Supervise Physical Inventory and Cycle counting processes to ensure compliance and inventory accuracy is continually improving to exceed financial and accounting goals. Provide analysis of root cause of errors and initiate corrective action.

Application Closing Date
13th July, 2018.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Use link to apply online

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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Job Summary
July 4, 2018
Offer Type
Full time
July 13, 2018
Manufacturing / Production
Manufacturing / Production
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