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Global Profilers is a Recruitment & HR Services firm specialized in recruitment in Africa. We are currently looking for a Quality Assurance Technologist for a client of ours who is a food processing firm. 

Food safety and quality are the highest priorities for our company. The Quality Assurance Technician will fill an essential role in the monitoring and advancement of our safety and quality Programs. Through daily process checks as well as short and long term projects, the QA tech will ensure the integrity of each batch of food that we produce, so that our customers can always enjoy our product with full confidence and satisfaction.
The successful Quality Assurance Technologist must have a scientific base of knowledge, an entrepreneurial and tenacious character, and the ability to communicate effectively with all levels within our company. Report to Director of Operations.

  • Perform process checks throughout the production, packaging, sanitation and warehousing functions of the company, including pre-operational checks, sanitation verification, label checks, salt and Ph testing, water activity testing, net weight checks, package integrity checks and organoleptic checks.
  • Calibrate test equipment.
  • Schedule and execute sample submittals to external laboratory vendor for batch testing.
  • Receive and document batch testing results from external laboratory vendor.
  • Provide independent oversight of processes, verifying compliance to company standards and policies, and effectively communicating when there are deviations from standards or processes.
  • Assist in training employees on food safety, company processes and FDA Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Maintain accurate and organized records of QA activities.
  • Maintain organized inventory of retained products.
  • Monitor HACCP critical control points.
  • Participate in preparation for 3rd party safety audits.
  • Maintain ongoing company compliance with all applicable regulations and 3rd party auditor Requirements.
  • Conduct research on Quality Assurance issues and deliver reports on research to management.
  • Recommend, champion and execute program enhancements.
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Applicants should possess Food Science Degree or equivalent.
  • 2-year degree or certificate in food science or related subject
  • 4-year degree in food science or related subject
  • Knowledge of FDA GMP’s
  • Understanding of HACCP principles
  • Familiarity with modern food manufacturing processes and food safety systems
  • Experience with 3rd party food safety audits


  • Lift 50lbs repeatedly.
  • Work standing or walking for most working shifts.
  • Perform very physical duties, including but not limited to pushing, pulling, lifting, twisting, walking.
  • Basic math and literacy.
  • Conversant with English.
  • Basic computer operation skills.
  • Ability to understand and operate basic product testing equipment
  • High level of organizational skills, including written and verbal communication, creative problem solving, and commitment to company goals.
  • Knowledge of food safety principles.
  • Research skills.
  • Ability to speak to groups and conduct group trainings.
  • Entrepreneurial attitude towards continuous improvements to food safety systems.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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September 26, 2017
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Full time
Minimum of 2years
November 25, 2017
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