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Quality HRH Training Specialist, USAID/Nigeria Health Workforce Management Activity

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Banyan Global is recruiting for Full time Quality HRH Training Specialist, USAID/Nigeria Health Workforce Management Activity

Job Description


Banyan Global is an international development consulting firm committed to improving livelihoods through market approaches for a broad and lasting impact. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC with staff working in a number of developing countries. Banyan Global operates seamlessly within six practice areas: health, finance and investment, enterprise development, gender, youth, and evaluation and learning.

Banyan Global is recruiting for a Quality Human Resources for Health (HRH) Training Specialist for a USAID-funded health workforce management project in Nigeria. The position is full-time and based in Abuja with travel to Bauchi, Sokoto, Kebbi, and Ebonyi States.


  • Design and lead the implementation of activities to improve the management of health training institutions;
  • Design curricula that are appropriate for the service delivery demands, including the integration of gender-sensitive modules;
  • Strengthen continuing education and in-service training in the health system;
  • Design and implement activities that increase the availability and quality of instructors, including efficiency improvements using innovations such as distance-based learning;
  • Foster quality improvement processes for maternal and child services competencies;
  • Strengthen quality through standard setting and regulation including ensuring adherence to standards;
  • Ensure close collaboration and networking with professional organizations;
  • Oversee a baseline assessment of pre-service training institutions to benchmark institutional performance in order to determine a process for continuous improvement, systems development, and undertaking reforms.

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Desired Course
Public Health
Desired Skills
Other Requirements


  • Post-graduate degree or higher in public health, health systems, health policy and planning, or other related field.
  • Proven success in designing and implementing effective training and capacity development interventions, including an understanding of curriculum design and participatory training methodology.
  • Professional experience interacting with health training institutions.
  • Familiarity with ongoing Government of Nigeria efforts aimed at addressing the HRH crisis in the country.
  • Excellent organizational, analytical, oral, and written communication skills in English; demonstrated supervisory skills; and ability to work well on a team.

Banyan Global is an equal opportunity employer. Please apply to the position through our website,

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Banyan Global
Banyan Global is a development consulting firm, founded on the principle that integrating expertise and experience from the development community and private sector will achieve a broad and lasting impact. Our unique team comprises seasoned private sector and international development professionals. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Banyan Global maintains staff around the world. Banyan Global is a women-owned small business....
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Job Summary
February 15, 2020
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 7years
Abuja Federal Capital Territory
Abuja Municipal
February 28, 2020
Medical/ Health
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