Security and Logistics Coordinator, USAID/Nigeria Health Workforce Management Activity

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Banyan Global is an international development consulting firm committed to improving livelihoods through market approaches for a broad and lasting impact. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC with staff working in a number of developing countries. Banyan Global operates seamlessly within six practice areas: health, finance and investment, enterprise development, gender, youth, and evaluation and learning.

Banyan Global is recruiting for a Security and Logistics Coordinator for an upcoming, five-year USAID-funded health workforce management project in Nigeria. The position is full-time and based in Abuja with travel to Bauchi, Sokoto, Kebbi, and Ebonyi States and within the Federal Capital Territory.


·       Provide security and logistical support to all project staff throughout the life of project.

·       Provide security training to all staff and ensure staff follow required procedures, specifically in regards to travel to the states where the project is implementing activities.

·       Provide logistical support to project staff when traveling to the states of Bauchi, Sokoto, Kebbi, Ebonyi states and within the Federal Capital Territory including managing project travel procedures and protocols and ensuring compliance with USAID travel regulations.

·       Work with Banyan Global staff and external experts to conduct a threat analysis and risk assessment in Nigeria at the beginning of the project.

·       Develop standard security and travel related procedures and protocols, and ensure staff follow said procedures and protocols.

·       Provide regular security updates, specifically ones that effect travel, to both project and headquarters staff.

·       Act as a point of contact to project staff in cases of emergency. 

Minimum years of experience


Desired Skills
security management
Other Requirements


  • Previous experience providing security and logistical support (including travel) to a project. Previous experience with a USAID-funded project preferred.
  • Previous experience and knowledge of on the ground realities in the states of Bauchi, Sokoto, Kebbi, Ebonyi and Federal Capital Territory.
  • Previous experience developing standard security protocols, specifically related to travel.
  • Previous experience conducting a threat analysis and risk assessment preferred.
  • Demonstrated supervisory skills; and ability to work well on a team.
  • Oral and written communications skills in English preferred.

Banyan Global is an equal opportunity employer. Please apply to the position through our website,

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Banyan Global
Banyan Global is a development consulting firm, founded on the principle that integrating expertise and experience from the development community and private sector will achieve a broad and lasting impact. Our unique team comprises seasoned private sector and international development professionals. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Banyan Global maintains staff around the world. Banyan Global is a women-owned small business....
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Job Summary
March 3, 2020
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 4years
Abuja Federal Capital Territory
Abuja Municipal
March 31, 2020
Security / Intelligence
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