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Nile University of Nigeria, is a world class university located in the heart of Nigeria, Abuja. Our university community is composed of robust, hardworking, friendly and committed staff from different nationalities all over the world that work tirelessly to help our teeming students actualize their dreams.


Job Title: Steward 

Job Details

  • Responsible for serving tea to staff in the organization
  • Keep accurate record of stocks needed in the tea room,
  • Ensure that the tea room is well organized, ability to read and write.
      Minimum years of experience


      Other Requirements


      • Must have a minimum of Senior School Certificate, minimum of 3 years experience
      • Candidates must reside in Abuja


      Method of Application

      Applicants should send their Applications

      This job is no longer accepting applications.

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      About Nile University of Nigeria
      The Nigerian Turkish International College started with humble beginnings in September 1998.  The school opened with 23 students on a rented site at Cairo Street, Wuse 2, Abuja.  Like an acorn, the NTIC has proliferated into a network of schools located in Abuja, Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Ogun and Yobe States.This phenomenal growth is attributable to the quality of Education obtainable in the NTIC Group of Schools.  It is against this background that the parents and students of the NTI...
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      Job Summary
      September 6, 2018
      Offer Type
      Full time
      Minimum of 3years
      Abuja Federal Capital Territory
      September 15, 2018
      Hospitality / Food Services
      Education Services/ Research
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