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Palladium Group is recruiting for Full time Tier Lead Cover

Job Description

Palladium Group is a privately owned real estate company. Its core businesses are Portfolio and Development investments. The Group invests for its own account and in partnership with private and institutional investors. Its knowledge and expertise allow for a combination of efficiency and quality of life aspects through a global approach to residential and commercial projects. Palladium Group covers all facets of real estate, from urban and architectural design to ownership, development, asset and property management, as well as maintenance of single assets and portfolios. The Company started as a general contractor over a hundred years ago. In the twenties, the Company evolved by beginning to construct several buildings in Paris together with associated property management business activities to enhance and create additional synergies and value for the construction company. Through the years, the Group expanded its activities throughout Western Europe, particularly in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, as well as the United States and most recently into Saudi Arabia.

Job Title: Tier Lead Cover

Job Ref: req8282

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

Temporary Three-Month Maternity Leave Cover:

  • Propcom Mai-Karfi was a six year DFID programme aimed at increasing incomes for the poor in Northern Nigeria through enhanced employment opportunities for increased employment and improved productivity in selected agricultural market systems in northern Nigeria.

It now has a three-year extension 2018-2021 to work in a reduced number of states from mid-2018:

  • Tier 1 (Borno, Adamawa and Yobe);
  • Tier 2 (Gombe, Taraba and Bauchi) and
  • Partnership states / Tier 3 (Kaduna, Kano and Jigawa).


  • To provide strategic direction and management to the technical work within the identified three states which constitute a Tier – determining the overall direction and delivery of the programme, by collaborating and coordinating with the Senior Management Team.
  • The Tear Lead will also be responsible for providing direction, in association with the core specialists, the Results Measurement team and identified Short Term Technical Assistance (STTA).

The Tear Lead will also have responsibility for ensuring compliance for the programme objectives of:

  • Gender and women’s economic empowerment (WEE), and
  • Climate smart agriculture (CSA).

Scope of Work

  • The Tier Lead will have the overall responsibility for providing strategic guidance and management for the programme in the three states which she/he is responsible for. This will be done by managing all the programme interventions and overseeing both the strategic and administrative elements of the interventions, activities and inputs.
  • S/he will also be required to establish and manage strategic relationships with potential partners and stakeholders in the three states. The Tier Lead will identify and design potential interventions for the programme and develop strategies for implementing these interventions to contribute to the delivery of Programme milestones.
  • This will be done in conjunction with the DTL/ MGD and Team Leader and with the support of the Market Managers linked to these states and to these potential interventions. The Tier Lead will share the plans for new interventions and activities with his/her peers and will pilot agreed activities which have the potential to be brought to scale in the Tier states under his/her responsibility and other Tiers state groupings
  • S/he will be responsible for ensuring strong linkages between the technical and the Results Measurement team of the programme. S/he will also be responsible for ensuring strong communication channels with the support team to ensure timely, safe and appropriate delivery of activities and travels.

Specific Responsibilities

The Tier Lead will be responsible for the following:

  • Provide overall strategic direction for interventions and activities within the three states of a Tier, generated by the Tier Team and ensure full understanding and provide required support to actives taking place in the Tier that are overseen by another Technical Team Member (outside of the Tier).
  • Tier Leads must ensure all opportunities to identify and incorporate WEE activities are acted upon in their Tier also, where relevant interventions implementation must be aligned to delivering CSA indicators.
  • As part of the required wider monitoring and quality assuring all intervention guides and associated documents and resulting outputs must be adequately documented and evidenced.
  • Identify new markets with the aim of contributing to the overall programme strategy; liaise with other members of the programme senior management team on potential markets and design effective implementation strategies for approved market interventions ensuring that they meet all donor and programme requirements.
  • Initiate and manage all market-related value chain analysis ensuring study designs, contracting and implementation are done in accordance to set standards and in consultation with the Results Measurement team and the Support team; coordinate the development of final market opportunity reports as well as all other weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports.
  • Drive the stakeholder analysis of the selected commodity chains, if appropriate, as well as identifying and contacting potential agents of change within agreed value chains and/or specific states.
  • Oversee the implementation of all intervention ensuring that initiative is taken within each intervention and setting work plans for the interventions.
  • Ensure that all intervention designs follow the agreed process and reporting developed by the Programme and that these comply with agreed reporting and are aligned with the defined protocols.
  • Identify key policy areas for each intervention and establish appropriate partnerships and contacts aimed at driving the policy amendment process where applicable.
  • Coordinate all administrative aspects of partnerships including but not limited to grants, MoUs, Collaboration Agreements and contracts
  • Manage the outputs of all members of the Tier Team, ensuring optimum performance of all members of the team.
  • Establish and maintain processes and systems which ensure strong continued linkages between the Programme’s Results Measurement team, ensuring all interventions are adequately and extensively researched, reported and monitored.


  • Contribute to overall programme strategy as part of the senior management team (SMT) with the delivery of/ or contributions to milestones;
  • Work closely with the Support Team to ensure smooth implementation of interventions in all Tier states;
  • Work with the project communications team members to develop materials that promote Propcom Mai-karfi’s interventions and that disseminate its learning as widely as possible across a diverse set of media channels.
  • When required represent the Programme in public forums, coordinating with Senior Management and the Communications Manager.
  • Oversee budgeting and spending on interventions and activities ensuring they meet agreed standards and also exhibit the DFID value for money policy guidelines.

Working Relationships:

  • The Tier Lead will report to the Deputy Team Leader / Market Group Director and will co-manage all members of the Tier Team allocated to the three states.
  • S/he will be a key strategic member of the programme staff and will form part of the senior management team contributing to the overall programme strategy and delivery.
  •  S/he will also be expected to work closely with the Results Measurement team of the programme and work effectively with all other members of the Propcom-Mai-karfi team, including the Support team and Communications and Knowledge Management personnel.
  • The Tier Lead will work closely with all partners including DFID Coordinators and Advisors ensuring that all interests are adequately protected. Ensure all interventions have the potential for sustained improvements of the standards of the poor within the market areas and in the geo-political areas in which the Tier Lead works.
  • S/he will be required to drive the programme and donor interests within all interventions thereby representing the programme on a strategic level with both the donor and other stakeholders.
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements

Required Qualifications

The Tier Lead should have:

  • A Master's degree or similar qualification in Business, Economics or Development Studies or relevant experience within the commercial agriculture space;
  • Substantive experience in implementing and managing projects with at least one year spent on the field on market research or community projects;
  • Experience leading a busy team and coordinating across teams;
  • Experience in business strategy development with focus on agricultural value chain analysis
  • Knowledge of northern Nigeria Agricultural supply and demand chains would be an advantage
  • Experience reviewing and writing reports
  • Experience in the development of surveys and data collection instruments for monitoring programmes;
  • Previous data analysis experience using Microsoft Excel or any other data analysis tool;
  • Previous experience using the market for the poor (M4P) approach would be of great advantage,
  • Knowledge of the institutions and organisations and/or businesses that provide services to the agricultural sector or rural development sectors in Nigeria and at the State level;
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills and the ability to form strong relationships within CBOs, INGOs and within the state structures
  • Previous experience of budgetary management and managing office and project finances
  • Good understanding of DFIDs policies on VfM, fraud, due diligence etc or similar activities with other major donors is an advantage etc.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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