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Female Store Supervisor (Lekki Store)

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Delphi Metals is recruiting for Full time Female Store Supervisor (Lekki Store)

Job Description

Delphi Metals is a wholesale and retail jewelry company that specializes in  sterling silver, titanium and pure gold.

Candidate must have relevant experience in the specific sales, marketing of products. She must be fluent in English (written and spoken).  Candidate must be able to secure and close business deals.

This is a supervisory role. You should be able to handle pressure and also be a motivation to your team. 

Requires that you work on some weekends. 

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Desired Skills
customer service /excel /customer relationship management /business development /excellent communication skills /accuracy skills /ability to understand /?technical / business skills /ability to analyse and produce quality reports /the ability to negotiate /excellent organizational skills /excellent presentation /excellent verbal and written communication /? ms office suite (excel advanced)
Other Requirements


  • 1 year(s)


  • Bachelor's Degree/HND


  • Must be able to work long hours and all shift schedules that may require up to twelve
  • Knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping terminology and practices. 
  • Knowledge of automated account
  • Technical / Business Skills
  • MS Office Suite (Excel Advanced)
  • The ability to understand


  • Ability to Analyse and produce quality reports 
  • Ability to motivate others 
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership and motivation 
  • Leadership Skills 
  • Sales & Marketing Skills 
  • Self Confidence 
  • Self motivated
  • Stress Management
  • Strong negotiation skills 
  • Supervising 
  • The ability to communicate effectively 
  • The ability to speak fluent English 
  • Time Management


Minimum Skills Required: Intermediate to advanced level of proficiency in the use of Microsoft (MS) Windows utilities/tools, MS Excel, MS Word, etc.

Personal Qualities Skills Required for the Job: Compliance: adheres strictly to organizational/sector policies and procedures. Integrity and confidentiality, Acceptability: personal style not abrasive to colleagues or customers. Planning and organising: ability to establish efficient and appropriate course of action for self; strong organisational skills. Work standards, Practical learning, Detail Handling, Energy, Efficiency and effectiveness, Personal organisation and self-discipline, Punctuality, Attendance and Reliability.                                                               

Sales & Expense Report: Daily, Business Performance Report: Monthly, Quarterly,

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Delphi Metals
Delphi Metals is a wholesale and retail jewelry company that specializes in  sterling silver, titanium and pure gold.Our main focus is geared towards offering exceptional and superior service to our clients. We offer a wide range of quality products and provide superb service to our customers. We take pride in our selection of fine jewelry and our unique style of customer service....
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Job Summary
June 15, 2018
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 1years
Salary Range
N600,000.00 - N820,000.00K
June 19, 2018
Sales / Business Development
Fashion / Clothings
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