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Job Description

1. Directs, manages and reports to the MD all activities in the company.

2. Supervises and coordinates activities of staff

3. Formulates and enforces strategies that necessitate the increase in sales and general supplies of product.

4. Assign employees to specific duties to best meet needs of the company and customer satisfaction. 

5. Researches on consumer needs and satisfaction.

6. Builds customer relationships, retains old and work on increasing customer base each week.

7. Good leadership and customer friendly communication skills.

8. Handles all orders and supplies.

9 consistently maintains accurate records of production and stocks in store.

10. Cuts costs by determining general cost of production, such as amount of fuel and other resources input into production weekly while concentrating on increasing profit margin and recipe costing.

11. Ensures a clean and hygienic environment. (Safety/Sanitation)

12. Recruitment and training of new employees if need be.

13. Be open to learning and further training as provided by company in subsequent times.

14. Conflict resolutions within and outside company, such that arise from customers.

15. Weekly reviews of total sales and evaluation to profer solutions possible to determine market position in the area in focus.

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Desired Skills
planning skills
Other Requirements

Applicants must be proficient in using computer.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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About Akpos' Bread
Job Summary
December 4, 2019
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 1years
Salary Range
N720,000.00 - N1,200,000.00K
December 31, 2019
Sales / Business Development /Executive / Management /Administration/ Office/ Operations /Hospitality / Food Services
Nutrition / Confectionery / Foods
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