Mobile App Developer (iOS & Android)

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Job Description

A Mobile Application Developer (iOS & Android) required to be part of a dynamic software company.

The Details:
Our ideal candidate wants to help build a company that helps organizations manage highly-engaged employees who are excited about leading change, maximizing productivity and pushing innovation within their organizations. This role will give you the opportunity to push your boundaries and find out what you’re capable of, to work with and learn from incredibly smart people, and, to enjoy the journey of helping to build a world-class organization.

Job Summary:

  • The Mobile Application Developer (iOS & Android) is skilled at developing cutting edge mobile applications on the Apple iOS & Android platform using C# programing language and Xamarine development environment.
  • The role requires the design, development, and implementation of applications that provide solutions to business problems. An iOS Mobile Application Developer will be expected to undertake such duties as; consulting with clients about their business requirements, building applications to client specifications, customizing current applications in line with changing business needs, reporting specifics of an application, evaluating the performance of an application, testing and implementing all software solutions, and meeting face-to-face with clients.
  • The job holder will be required to possess excellent communication and project management skills. Flexibility is essential, as is the ability to adapt to the client’s changing needs. The candidate should work well under pressure, and display evidence of excellent problem solving and organizational skills. A proven capability of competence in developing with C# and JavaScript will suffice.

Functions of the iOS Mobile Application Developers may include:

  • Be well informed of technology trends
  • Consult with clients
  • Document and report application specifics
  • Customize applications
  • Debug web applications
  • Evaluate system performance
  • Follow standard guidelines
  • Deliver quality work
  • Work with teams and managers
  • Design complex applications
  • Execute bug and performance tests


    Job Requirements
    Minimum years of experience


    Other Requirements


    • C# Language Skills 
    • TSQL Skills
    • JavaScript Language Skills
    • Good project management skills
    • Innovative thinking
    • Good problem-solving capabilities
    • Be methodical
    • Good communicator
    • Perform well under work demands
    • Understand software applications
    • Technically competent
    • Consistently proactive
    • Trustworthy and amicable
    • Work well in teams
    • Good organizational skills
    • Use databases and servers competently


    •  The iOS & Android Mobile Apps developer ought to understand mobile and web technologies. They may also possess a degree in computer science, software programming or design, or have experience developing real-world applications. Having Microsoft certification is also acceptable.

    This job is no longer accepting applications.

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    About Xceed365 Limited
    Job Summary
    January 23, 2020
    Offer Type
    Full time
    Minimum of 1years
    Salary Range
    N2,400,000.00 - N3,000,000.00K
    January 31, 2020
    IT/ Software
    Internet / Software
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