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Programmes Logistics Officer

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PrepClass Nigeria Limited is recruiting for Contract Programmes Logistics Officer

Job Description

Job Title: Logistics Manager

Department:  Development and Projects

Reports to: Programme Manager

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Restrictions: 3 month contract job renewable after 3 months.

Mobility: In-state mobility

Salary: Attractive Compensation structure

About PrepClassNG:

PrepClassNG is an innovative platform that connects African learners with local tutors who provide the highest quality of education to help the learners achieve their learning goals.


Pathfinders of the Future (PTF) Tournament is PrepClass’s flagship project that gathers senior high school students from different top rated secondary schools in Lagos and by extension Nigeria to discuss social issues of international and local importance and to hone their intrinsic and latent abilities in oration, research and accurate presentation of intelligent argument backed by facts and evidence. The PTF tournament is poised to be the foremost debate competition in Nigeria that involves a hybrid of offline district competitions, on-air radio tournament and culminates in a sizzling award ceremony. The programme will promote youth-led social accountability by improving young people’s leadership, life skills, technical knowledge on national  issues, policy, advocacy and research, so that they are better prepared to actively engage their future.

Working Relationship

Logistics Officer will report to the Programmes Coordinator. S/he will also be expected to establish strong working relationship with coordinators of different school teams.

Job Description:

As the logistics personnel on the PTF Project, you’ll oversee all logistics and administrative activities of the programme. Your goal will be to ensure that the PTF project runs efficiently and without qualms. This role requires outstanding organisational and administrative abilities, as well as excellent communication skills. This is an autonomous position, so you should be self-sufficient and self-motivated. The main duties are as follows:  Logistics and communications, safety and welfare of school teams, management and reporting.

Logistics and Communication:

  • Lead on the logistical arrangements for the district competitions, tournament, trainings, events, school consultations and dialogues, transport and other programme related activities

  • Lead on procurement of all programme items

  • Support the school teams in their logistical arrangements

  • Develop logistical checklists to guide activities

  • Keep in constant communication with the school teams, project coordinator and manager.

  • Support the Programme Coordinator to draft update project progress and seek advice as necessary  

  • Keep consistent detailed records of logistical aspects of the programme  

  • Establish and maintain contact database for the project  

  • Produce concise monthly logistical reports.

Safety and Welfare of  School Teams

  • Work with the school teams to agree on preparation activities and modes of communication.

  • Keep in regular communication with the school teams and provide backstopping logistical support as necessary  

  • Support the welfare of the school teams, following up on issues as required  

  • Develop checklist of items to be used prior to any milestone activity and ensure they are properly equipped.  

  • Log the school teams’ travel and check that all safety and security measures have been fulfilled before travel

Management and Reporting

  • Make payments for logistics related activities and keep accurate records of financial expenditure

  • Assist the Programme Coordinator in tracking the project budget  

  • Provide regular updates to the Programme Coordinator as required

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Desired Skills
excellent verbal and written communication /excellent organizational skills & attention to detail
Other Requirements

Experience and Skills

Degree (HND, B.Sc) in relevant subject (e.g. business administration, logistics, commerce, store management) OR demonstrated logistical experience with a local or international organisation/company

Essentials are

  • Experience of making logistical arrangements for organising events and meetings  
  • Experience of procurement and budget management  
  • Effective verbal and written communications and interpersonal skills  
  • Excellent organisational skills  
  • Excellent computer skills including Excel, Word etc.  
  • Ability to problem solve and make sound operational decisions   
  • Fluency in written and spoken English


  • Experience of working with youths and teenagers
  • Experience working with a brand that engages schools
  • Experience working as an event manager for a school.


This job is no longer accepting applications.

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Job Summary
July 9, 2018
Offer Type
Minimum of 1years
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July 20, 2018
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