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Job Description

Job Brief

As a software engineer, you will be working in a team of developers on diverse projects. To be successful in this role, engineers must demonstrate their knowledge of critical thinking, and problem solving. You will be responsible for designing and developing software, supporting software, creating, testing, and
evaluating software applications and systems. You will provide support to software applications; full training will be provided when necessary. You will also participate in the testing process through test review and analysis, test witnessing and certification of software.

Job Description

  • Provide level 1&2 support to a client (full training will be given).
  • Design and develop software.
  • Test software applications and systems.
  • Develop different types of software, including computer games, business applications, operating systems, network control systems, and middleware.
  • Apply knowledge of computing systems and software structure.
  • Analyze users' needs.
  • Create flowcharts, diagrams, and other documentation.
  • Create manuals and detailed sets of instructions including algorithms that tell computers what to do.
  • Convert instructions into computer languages.
  • Construct, deploy, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs.
  • Develop packaged computer applications.
  • Create customized applications for businesses.
  • Develop databases.
  • Coordinate the construction and maintenance of computer systems.
  • Coordinate department needs and make suggestions regarding its technical direction.
  • Set up organization's intranets.
  • Design and implement system security and data assurance.
  • Configure, implement, and install the computer systems of other organizations
  • Identify and explain needed changes.
  • Ensure security across systems being configured.
  • Coordinate with the Technical Director on current programming tasks.
  • Collaborate with other programmers to design and implement features.
  • Quickly produce well-organized, optimized, and documented source code.
  • Create and document software tools required by artists or other developers.
  • Debug existing source code and polish feature sets.
  • Contribute to technical design documentation.
  • Work independently when required.
  • Continuously learn and improve skills.
  • Attention to detail is essential and all tasks must be carried out to the highest standard
Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience

Other Requirements

Job Requirements

  • Graduate of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics Degree or any related field. 
  • 2:1 and above preferable
  • Experience of working within a structured project management framework
  • Experience in web technologies and standards like web services (REST/SOAP), JSON, XML/XSL, web portals and security.
  • Experience in Android programming.
  • Experience in Java, C, C++, C#, SQL, XML, Eclipse, Git, Android Studio, Visual Studio, etc.

This job is no longer accepting applications.

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Job Summary
September 11, 2019
Offer Type
Full time
December 23, 2019
IT/ Software
ICT / Telecommunications
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