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Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities

We're looking for a system administrator to maintain our small office network of about 20 devices and 16 IP cameras. We're connected to internet over outdoor microwave radio link and we run Windows Server 2012R2 to share our internet connection and provide other network services among them. We also have a Milestone Husky M20 NVR which collects and shares data from our Axis IP cameras. The system admin should be able to maintain the good health of network by fixing connectivity issues, updating network hardware, fixing security issues, making the systems work as fast as possible in a reliable way, Help your colleagues in their IT related problems with their PC's, phones and printers, maintain the health of IP cameras and the NVR, being in correspondence with our ISP in case of ISP related connectivity issues arise, keeping the systems clean from viruses, training users to stay away from them.

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Other Requirements


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Relevant Course or related field

2. Experience managing/supervising IT systems.

3. Minimum 2 years’ experience in Systems Admin

4. Strong communication skills

5. Ability to appropriately manage a stressful work environment

6. Flexibility with work schedule for on-call availability 24/7, weekend and off hours as needed


Strong verbal and written communication, analytical, organizational skills are all a must.. The ability to meet sometimes short deadlines and to be detail-oriented are also essential..


This job is no longer accepting applications.

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Dogan's Sugar Limited is incorporated in July 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria as a European invested company for the will to produce quality sugar products in Nigeria. The company is a subsidiary of Ata Ltd. Co.; Ukraine's biggest and market leader cube sugar manufacturing company with more than %70 market share. Currently Ata is manufacturing more than 20 different FMCG products in Ukraine with different weights and packaging (see: To start local manufacturing in Nigeria, our company has op...
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Job Summary
June 11, 2019
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 2years
June 25, 2019
IT/ Software
Manufacturing / Production
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