Wildlife Conservation Consultant: West Africa

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Job Description

Reporting to the Program Director for Africa, the Wildlife Conservation Campaigner will lead WildAid’s campaigns in West Africa to reduce wildlife trade and promote wildlife conservation. The program will also aim to minimize bushmeat trade and consumption in West Africa. This role will liaise with government and local civil society partners in the country as well as with critical influencers and ambassadors for related campaigns. The Campaigner will also research, prepare and produce materials for rural and urban populations.

Based in Nigeria, this position will work in close collaboration with the WildAid Africa team.  


WildAid in Africa is small and lean, but growing. Thus all staff members must be comfortable in an entrepreneurial, start-up culture. We seek an outgoing entrepreneurial person with strong knowledge of wildlife trade issues, bushmeat trade and consumption in West Africa. Familiarity with wildlife conservation practices in Nigeria and other West African Countries will be an asset. The ideal candidates will have four to five years of campaigning experience at a fast-paced, growing environmental organization.

Our ideal candidate will further have strong organizational and project management skills and the ability to prioritize multiple, often competing demands. They must also have excellent interpersonal skills to liaise with and influence policymakers, staff, volunteers, and partners. The ability to travel is essential. 


Develop and lead campaigns project. 

Develop campaign projects on wildlife conservation. This will include working on all stages of a campaign. From project design, launch, implementation to evaluation. Oversee coordination and management of all campaign activities and campaign budget. 

Research and partnership development. 

Conduct basic research and investigation on wildlife trade and bushmeat consumption in West Africa. Establish and maintain partnerships in campaigning. Partners will include government and park officials, international airports, educational institutions, traditional chieftaincies/institutions, religious institutions, and media outlets. Liaise with critical influencers and or ambassadors. 

Media engagement and management

Working with key partners and other interested parties to seek placement of WildAid’s public service announcements and animated videos on television.

Seek airtime on radio (urban and community) to raise awareness on various campaigns on wildlife and bushmeat.

Seek placement for ads in newspapers, magazines, billboards in critical areas such as airports, shopping malls, and vetted locations.

Work with social media manager to distribute materials and PSAs via various social media channels.


Assist in identifying potential funders and preparing proposals and reports for donors.

Job Requirements
Minimum years of experience


Desired Course
Desired Skills
development /organisational and planning skills
Other Requirements


· Master Degree, preferably in environmental science/conservation, or related social science

· Minimum two-three years in a similar role

· Experience in campaigning and research

· Experience in partnership development and liaison

· Excellent verbal communication skills

· Ability to work independently and as a part of a team 

· Must take initiative and have a strong work ethic

· Capable multi-tasker, able to handle multiple deadlines and concurrent priorities 


· Working knowledge of 2 or more countries in the region

· Experience working in a start-up or entrepreneurial environment 

· Experience in event planning

. Ability to work in English and French


Nigeria, preferably Lagos or Abuja


Please send your CV and cover letter to jobs@wildaid.org. No phone calls, please. Due to the high volume of applications, only those chosen to interview will be contacted. 

If any company or recruiter demands money from you, please report to us immediately. View how to detect fake recruiters/companies Here

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About WildAid
The illegal wildlife trade is a multi-billion dollar global industry largely driven by consumer demand in expanding economies. While most wildlife conservation groups focus on scientific studies and anti-poaching efforts, WildAid works to reduce global consumption of wildlife products and to increase local support for conservation efforts. We also work with governments and partners to protect fragile marine reserves from illegal fishing and shark finning, to enhance public and political will for...
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Job Summary
May 11, 2020
Offer Type
Full time
Minimum of 5years
June 30, 2020
NGO / Community Services
NGO / Non-Profit / International Agencies
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