Employment/Job Offer Letter Template for Entry / Mid and Executive Level

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An employment / job offer letter is a letter issued when an employer is offering a full-time, part-time or contract position to a successful candidate. 
The job offer letter includes important parts, the position, remuneration (salary), bonus if any, time/hours of work, compensation and benefits, date of resumption.
This employment letter template outlines the most important parts of the offer, including position, cash compensation, bonus (or commission) potential, hours, compensation and employee benefits. You can use this formal job offer letter sample as a follow-up to an informal job offer by email or phone. The details of this employment offer letter template are intended to protect you and your employee from disputes related to compensation, benefits, and special agreements. This offer of employment letter can be sent via email or traditional mail.

A job offer letter is provided to the candidate you have selected for the position, the candidate and the organization is expected to have verbally negotiated the conditions of hire and the job offer letter confirms the verbal agreements.

Normally senior candidates will negotiate many more factors that can include company cars, extensive life insurance coverage, extra annual leave and vacation, and a serious severance package if the relationship doesn't work out.  The offer to senior candidates may also include a contract that is overseen by an attorney.

In the case of beginning to mid-level positions, generally, you will have verbally offered the job to the candidate who has indicated that he or she will accept the position, under the stated terms. You hold these conversations before you write the employment offer letter. This saves time and potential hard feelings for all involved in the employment offer: the employer, the prospective employee and occasionally, an employment employer side attorney.

Generally, the candidate has indicated that he or she will accept the position, under the stated terms, prior to the drafting of the letter. Do regard the position acceptance as tentative, however, until the offer letter, and the confidentiality agreement, if you use one, are signed.

It is advisable to put a time limit on how long the candidate can take to respond one way or the other to the offer letter. This will save you from losing time from your candidate search should your prospect change his or her mind.

This template contains sample offer letter for Entry level, mid-level and senior level positions.

Executive Job Offer Letter

The job offer letter is customized for the high level director or executive. Executive contracts are often far more lengthy as the agreements reached can cover everything from compensation, moving expenses, and signing bonuses to millions in severance packages and stock options.


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