Employment Reference Check By Letter Template

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Employment Reference Check By Letter Template
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A reference letter is provided for an employee by the previous employer on request of the employee’s current employer. The letter contains the records of the candidate’s employment, job profile, performance, salary and other required information. This kind of letter can also be provided by people who are familiar with their work and character and have positive remark on them. A reference letter can be employment related, personal or it can depict the character of the individual. Employee request a reference letter for variety of reason which include both personal and employment need. It is more general in nature. 

References from former employers are likely to be more valuable than personal references and can help avoid negligent hiring claims.

Employment References Check

Part of hiring process is checking the background of prospective employees who you are seriously considering for your open position. Every background check should include checking with an applicant's  former employers and other professional and personal references. You don't necessarily want to check every applicant's references but any candidate who is in the running beyond the early stages of the hiring process should have a reference check which is thoroughly documented. Don't make a job offer until you've  completed your reference checking.

Former employers are in a good position to tell you about an applicant's work history. At the very least you should be able to verify the factual, objective information the applicant gave you. Employers' references can give you some or all of the following information:

  • employment dates
  • job titles
  • rates of pay
  • nature of the tasks performed
  • work habits — including conscientiousness, sense of responsibility, and ability to work with others
  • whether they would hire the individual again, knowing what they know about him or her

Find below Example, Sample and format of Reference Check Letter

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Employment Reference Check By Letter Template