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The place of an executive in business finance and administration would never be treated with any form of neglect by an employer, since they are the set of professionals that handle the finance operations of the organization with regards to policy formulation, process coordination, project finance planning, annual statement preparations, expenditure management, procedural funding administration, impact analysis, risk assessment to mention a few of the key and vital responsibilities attached to finance executives. Therefore, how you choose to fashion your CV and Cover letter speaks volume to a prospect employer, seeing they also have to check for competence, training, skills and expertise to mention a few.

CompetenceIt's important to note here, not all experienced professional are able brace up quickly, hitting the ground and running in a new system when they get hired. A successful finance officer in the FCMG industry may have a very rough start running finance management responsibilities in the construction or Oil & Gas industry. Develop very quality content that proves you are different from the crowd and can perfectly fit into the position if you get the appointment. Presentation is key.

Professional TrainingYour list of relevant professional training will always serve as an added advantage over others who don’t have. At this juncture, you need to make your prospect employer get a clear glimpse of how well trained and vast you've become with the methodologies of how you intend to make the difference if appointed to take up the finance role of the organization.

SkillsSkills are very important in any field or endeavour of your choosing. Over time very rare skills have been the key reasons why some folks got the appointment where others failed. You might make light of a skill or make a poor presentation of the same, without knowing you're one step away from getting the appointment. Never undermine the power of skills presentation. 

ExpertiseAs for expertise, you CV and Cover letter should be capable of selling valuable and practical finance handling experience to a potential hiring manager for due consideration to schedule a meeting where you would have quality time to make better value propositions and also reveal unique actualization strategies that solve the finance management and administrative needs of your prospect employer.

Our OfferThese and much more are the combined resource we've used to develop very concise CV and cover letter templates to aid you with the process of job hunting. The pack is delivered to you, housing a number of five well styled CV and cover letter templates that can be easily modified and updated with your current information from time to time. Up to date finance recruitment keywords have been deployed in the course of developing this quality templates to ensure you maintain high ranking on any talent search engine, ATS or recruitment software. Change your experience and standout from the crowd by gaining a well deserved recognition from recruiters each time you make an application by using these templates.


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