Graduate Sales & Marketing CV and Cover Letter Templates

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Developing sales and marketing CV documents, that are capable of gaining quality attention and attracting interview invites from prospect employers are a result of smart work. Spending couple of hours compiling information that isn’t capable of commanding attention is not worth the time, energy and resource spent producing it. Very significant and vital data make the difference between an active and inactive CV. You could review a CV over a dozen times, without really making the necessary changes that accommodates the recruiter’s interest.

When it comes to sales and marketing all recruiters are the same, they look out for vital signs that shows you are capable of engaging the tasks ahead of you and producing the required results. You could brag about your sales performances and accomplishments on your CV, but, without making any sense to the recruiter as to how it all connects with your competence for the advertised position and how you intend to make the magic, there’s no guaranty of getting a seat at the interview table. Very little but vital things are what disqualify an application for a prominent interview, which can be 75% attributed to information or data presentation. What you say/write is as important as how you say/write it.

It's very true that a salesman need not only be a talker but a goal getter, planner, strategist and process implementation expert to be brief; and should your resume be short of these main attributes that perfumes you with the sweet smell of results, it’s practically going to end up in the trash can. Never underestimate the power of presentation; it’s what makes the difference. Presentation necessarily doesn't mean the format or style of your CV and cover letter documents, like I earlier hinted in the second paragraph, its all about data or information connectivity with regards to the advertised position.

In addition to this, is the inclusion of keywords that are capable of producing high ranking results, in times like these when applications are digital. Following the introduction of ATS - Applicant/Application Tracking Systems, a powerful software engine capable of filtering through dozens of thousands of documents with high level accuracy and matching pattern; efforts needs to be doubled to meet up to standards or beat the recruitment software to the game. First it means you need to understand the software and how it functions, to be able to accomplish this feat.

Important as the already listed, is the expectations of the hiring or recruitment manager. Never undermine or overlook the sales expectations of the employer, each time you write. Your documents should be able to inform the employer on how much you understand the organization’s sales and marketing needs, coupled with the expectations and delivery time frame. A quality address to this would play the smart card, while initiating the process of candidate preference based on competence value in the employer’s mind.

Space would not permit me to handle more with respect to the subject, as there’s more work to be done on sales and marketing CV/cover letter writing process for freshers or experienced professionals. With attention to all these, we’ve developed quality documents that are high performing on sales and marketing job hunting.

It’s a pack of documents designed to be a combination of 5 well styled CV and Cover letter, making a total of 10 for result oriented applications. Excellent keywords were deployed to ensure you maintain very high ranking with outstanding data presentations that would single you out of the crowd. The issues raised above were well addressed from a professional viewpoint for a cutting edge performance. Give it a try and change your job hunting story.


Content of CV & Cover Letter for Graduate Sales & Marketing Pack

  • 5 Well Styled CV Templates
  • 5 Purpose oriented Cover letters

All are in Microsoft Word Format.

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