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| Published on November 23, 2017 | 5525 views
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Addictions to pornography in recent times have become a very big threat to productivity, relationships and finances, which is taking a prevailing toll on our generation today. The damaging effects and consequences of this indulgence have been very weighty in the lives of the addict, by cash milking, yet destroying lives, relationships and jobs. This has posed to be one of the biggest threats of all times to the productivity of our generation and the next, if not curbed in good time.

Pornography is the activity of watching and deriving pleasure from watching nude pictures, active sexual engagement activities, fantasies etc.  Also, Pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate sexual excitement.

Porn addiction is the craving and lustful desire to ease internal stress and personal life pressure by indulging in highly sensitive materials or contents that explicitly displays the genitals and engagements of the sexual reproductive organs, for the purpose of stimulation, sexual satisfaction and other excitement needs of the addict.

Porn profits by subtly trapping its users into become addicts with a process which is well exhausted on our case awareness material. The industry currently posts between 10-14 Billion Dollars annually, in the United States alone. This money is acquired by enslaving and exploiting its users. Porn addiction cuts across nations, races, gender, age grades, societal classes, people and languages; with wrecking effects on productivity, finance, health, family, relationships, businesses etc to mention a few.

Is porn about entertainment?

The manufacturers profit from the wrecking effects of pornography addiction and the aftermath punishments it lashes out on its viewers. Porn profits by the major addictive effect it has on the male gender which keeps them coming back for more and more to get the same level of hype or satisfaction. Porn profits by taking advantage of young girls and women who were trapped by their destructive lifestyles, being sexually abused; they are often runaway girls and inhabiting sexually contagious diseases. These girls and women which need help are rather brainwashed and exploited for selfish gains. Porn profits from the blood of this people, as the movie character sets, tend to die young by incurable diseases.

Are there other critical harms in using porn?

Fact: Porn siphons financial resources through solicited magazines, internet data and monthly porn subscriptions. Porn destroys marriages and peaceful homes. Porn destroys the respect and dignity of its addicts. Porn steals away tones of hours of very significant productivity. Porn destroys the willpower and all form of resistance of its addict. Porn promotes masturbation. Porn diverts the desire for real sex into sex with toys. Porn degrades womanhood. Porn promotes child sex. Porn promotes illegal sex as fun. Porn promotes the use of multiple sexual partners without caution. Porn kills the fear and need for protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Porn is a disaster.



  • Do I feel powerless to resist the urge to watch porn?
  • Do I feel desperate, anxious or stressed if I’m unable to access porn?
  • Have I made many unsuccessful attempts to limit or stop watching porn?
  • Have I continued to use porn despite experiencing unhealthy consequences?
  • Do I frequently spend more time, data or money on porn than I initially intended?
  • Do I spend significant portion of time viewing and searching for porn materials?
  • Have I neglected social functions, family, or work responsibilities to watch porn?
  • Have I given up opportunities and relationships, to have more time for porn?

The package and How Our Help Service Works

This package is a compendium of four great materials on “Case Awareness”, “Porn Addiction Myths and Facts”, “Initial Recovery Steps and Actions” and “Self Recovery Questionnaire”. They are designed to address addiction cases of pornography, and other form of sexual addiction. They are very brief and straight to the point materials to kick start the process, with on the go reading page limits as:

  • Case Awareness: 10 Pages
  • Porn Addiction Myths and Facts: 2 Pages
  • Initial Recovery Steps and Actions: 2 Pages
  • Self Recovery Questionnaire: 4 Pages

What’s in it for you?

Case Awareness Material:

  • Porn Addictions
  • The Science of Porn Addiction
  • The Connection between Porn and Human Brain
  • Interesting Facts about Porn Addiction
  • General Statistics of Pornography on the web
  • Signs of Porn Addiction
  • Factors that Suggest you need help
  • Why you should quit using Porn
  • Tendencies of Porn Addiction
  • Benefits of getting rid of Porn Addiction

Myths & Facts:

  •  Who gets involved with porn
  • The true nature of Porn
  • Male and Female relationship of porn users
  • The Effects of Porn on users
  • What porn users should expect
  • Why people become addicted

Recovery Actions and Steps:

  • The mind and thoughts
  • Sexual feelings and urges to use porn
  • Overcoming Masturbation
  • About Porn Blockers/Software
  • Concise guide and detailed to do list.

Self Recovery Questionnaire:

  • General situation inquiry
  • Environmental inquiry
  • Socio-cultural inquiry
  • Biological inquiry
  • Psychological inquiry
  • Religious inquiry

How the recovery process works:

At Remoulding Lives, we’ve developed great strategies designed to help you retrace your steps from these destructive lifestyles. Our strategy is planned to engage this addiction from five basic life’s dimension which includes the environmental, socio-cultural, biological, psychological and religious, to provide a well balance solution.

What to expect:

  • Enabled 24/7/365 Communications access to online or offline help service
  • You can schedule a Heart to Heart Talk meeting with a Dedicated Personnel.

Why we chose to get involved:

This help service is facilitated by the deepening decay witnessed by the addicted, the desperate need for help, failed attempts to withdraw from the addiction, our heartfelt concern and commitment to work on the critical nature of this menace. The increased rate of these addictions and their wrecking effects on the lives of people who indulge in the practice, has necessitated the need for our timely intervention to salvage the victims from imminent harm and damages that accrue. 

How to Proceed:

Once you have a copy of this compendium, you are expected to fill the self recovery questionnaire and submit to the disclosed email address. The NGN 1,000 payment is strictly for the compendium and basically for you to have a copy of the material. Our help services or processes are completely free and are funded by donations.


Let’s begin today, because we believe you too can recover from this damning addiction.


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