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As a teacher it is important that your CV showcases your abilities to educate  and contribute to long term development of your students or pupils.

You should start your CV with a profile that outlines your teaching skills, subject knowledge and age group specialism, you will get over the first hurdle of grabbing recruiters' attention.

The structure and format of your CV both play important roles in the success of your applications, because they determine how easy it will be for people to read your CV, and how clearly you can highlight the essential information.


Your CV should be broken down into sections:

  • Contact details – Added to the top of your CV to ensure recruiters can contact you easily
  • Profile/career summary – Introductory paragraph to grab readers’ attention and summarise your skill set
  • Core skills – Bullet pointed list of your most valuable skills and knowledge
  • Work experience - List of your previous work with a focus on your teaching roles
  • Education – A summary of your most important and relevant qualifications


When formatting your CV, it’s best to keep it simple.

Many people are tempted to use flashy designs, images and bright colours in a bid to stand out from the crowd. But in reality, these things often provide a bad reading experience and distract recruiters from the all-important content.

If you want to create a CV that looks professional and allows readers to find the information they need quickly, I would recommend sticking to the following guidelines:

Use a simple clear font that is easy to read and ensure the size isn’t too small.

Keep the colour scheme modest – black text on a white background may seem boring, but it provides the best reading experience.

Break the text up as much as possible – big chunky paragraphs are a reader’s worst nightmare, especially for recruiters who read hundreds of CVs every week.

Keep the CV at 2 pages or under - If your CV is too long, recruiters and school will not read it all.


Requirements and Skills Employers want to see in Teaching CV

Here are some of the core requirements that recruiters will be looking for in your CV, but of course there will probably be others - depending on your unique situation.

Classroom/behaviour management – The ability to control students and implement effective classroom management strategies.

Planning – Ability to Plan lessons and resources is a crucial part of long term education delivery, so your CV needs to showcase this.

Assessment and performance monitoring – Your CV should also showcase your ability to monitor student performance and assess their abilities.

Curriculum knowledge – Your CV should prove you have strong of your area of expertise.

Special educational needs (SEN) and diversity – In modern education settings you are likely to face a range of educational needs, cultures and languages, so your CV should reflect your ability to deal with these elements 

Lesson delivery – Your CV should demonstrate your style of lesson delivery and ultimately show how your lessons benefit students and help them to achieve their goals.


Teaching Cover Letter

As a teacher your cover letter can mean the difference between getting the interview and languishing in job search limbo. Use your cover letter to highlight related experience and past achievements, tying your work history and accomplishments to the job description. 


Tips for Writing a Cover Letter for a Teaching Job

Emphasize your achievements. Include examples of your accomplishments in past jobs as a teacher. For example, if your students earned high state test scores, or if you received a teaching award, mention these successes.

Mention any training or certifications. Many teaching jobs have specific training and certification requirements.

Include related work outside the classroom. If you have non-teaching work or volunteer experience that involves working with children, you can highlight this in your cover letter as well. You especially might want to do this if you have limited teaching experience.

Customize your cover letter. Be sure to tailor each cover letter to fit the specific school and job listing. 


Content of CV & Cover Letter for Experienced Teacher Pack

  • 5 Well Styled CV Templates
  • 5 Purpose oriented Cover letters

All are in Microsoft Word Format.

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