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When writing your CV as a fresh graduate, you must be careful not to make mistakes several graduates make. A graduate CV should:

  • Introduce you as a promising potential candidate for the role
  • Present all of your relevant skills and accomplishments
  • Tell a story of your professional experience to date
  • Reflect something of your character through your personal statement and interests sections

Your CV should not:

  • Be an exhaustive list of your every achievement, regardless of relevance
  • Include a lengthy discourse about every course you've ever taken
  • Contain information just to 'bulk it out'. Being concise will help your reader and maintain their interest, making them want to know more


Your CV should be broken down into sections:

  • Contact details – Added to the top of your CV to ensure recruiters can contact you easily. Don't include the header 'Curriculum Vitae'; it's a waste of space that you might need to utilise later and furthermore your prospective employer will know what the document is.
  • Personal Profile/career summary – This is an optional section of a graduate CV template which can be used to show the employer you are focused and determined to pursue a career in their field. Most selectors want an uncomplicated summary of expertise and suitability. Don't fall into the trap of making unsubstantiated statements here - for example "I am hard working" - that should be evident from the content of your CV.
  • Core skills – Bullet pointed list of your most valuable skills and knowledge
  • Work experience - You might think that at this stage you don't have much in the way of work experience - but when looking at a graduate CV example we often find that relevant content gets overlooked. 
  • You can include everything you have done from student internships and voluntary work to schemes and summer placements. 
  • Education – A summary of your most important and relevant qualifications
  • Interest/Activities - This is the place to say a little bit about you as a person, outside of work, and to let your personality shine through. You can mention any activity or hobby, but obviously keep it appropriate, there are certain things that a graduate recruiter just won't want to hear, so use your own discretion.
  • References - Two references are ample for your entry-level graduate CV. One can be academic and the other from a period of work experience. You can choose to omit the contact details if, for example, one is a current employer or you would prefer to contact them first. If omitting the references remember to note at the bottom that 'references are available on request' or something similar so the recruiter knows you are willing and prepared to provide these.


When formatting your CV, it’s best to keep it simple.

Many people are tempted to use flashy designs, images and bright colours in a bid to stand out from the crowd. But in reality, these things often provide a bad reading experience and distract recruiters from the all-important content.

If you want to create a CV that looks professional and allows readers to find the information they need quickly, I would recommend sticking to the following guidelines:

Use a simple clear font that is easy to read and ensure the size isn’t too small.

Keep the colour scheme modest – black text on a white background may seem boring, but it provides the best reading experience.

Break the text up as much as possible – big chunky paragraphs are a reader’s worst nightmare, especially for recruiters who read hundreds of CVs every week.

Keep the CV at 2 pages or under - If your CV is too long, recruiters and school will not read it all.



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