Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID) Program 2020

Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID) Program 2020
International Mathematical Union

Grant $3500 Postgraduate Partial Funding » Deadline: March 15, 2020 Location: » Angola » Benin » Burkina Faso » Burundi » Central African Republic » Egypt » Eritrea » Ethiopia » The Gambia » Ghana » Guinea » India » Indonesia » Ivory Coast » Lesotho » Liberia » Madagascar » Malawi » Mali » Morocco » Mozambique » Niger » Nigeria » Rwanda » South Sudan » Sudan » Togo » Tunisia

IMU/CDC Graduate Research Assistantships in Developing Countries (GRAID) Program is a Program that provides modest support for emerging research groups, working in a developing country listed in Priority 1 or 2 of the IMU Definition of Developing Countries.

The GRAID program makes it possible for them to fund their most talented students to study full-time as graduate research assistants and pursue a Master or PhD graduate degree in mathematics, thereby fostering the growth of a mathematics community.


The amount of the stipend per graduate research assistant should not exceed USD $3,500 per year. The exact amount will be decided by the GRAID Committee on a case-by-case basis depending on the local cost of living. One Team can apply for up to 3 graduate research assistantships.

The following costs can be covered by the stipend:

  • Accommodation expenses of the graduate research assistant
  • Basic living expenses


  • The Principal Investigator should be a university professor in mathematics holding a PhD and live and work in a university or research center in a developing country listed in Priority 1 or 2 of the IMU CDC Definition of Developing Countries, and who is already training mathematics Master’s or PhD students, and who is part of a research group.
  • The International Partner should be a mathematician working in a university or research center not based in any of the countries listed in Priority 1 or 2 of the IMU CDC Definition of Developing Countries.

Other requirements

  • The International Partner and Principal Investigator should be in regular contact, for instance using modern communication technology. At the time of application there should be an active and ongoing collaboration between the International Partner and Principal Investigator.
  • The Principal Investigator will be responsible for ensuring smooth sustained communication in the Team between:
  • the graduate research assistants,
  • the International Partner, and
  • the GRAID Committee.


They invite applications from Teams consisting of:

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) plus his or her research group, and
  • The International Partner.

The PI has to complete an online application form, via the MathPrograms

The following documents have to be uploaded during the application process:

  • A short CV of the PI and a short CV of the International Partner,
  • A narrative Collaboration Proposal (not to exceed 3 pages) based on the already existing contacts between PI and International Partner. It must contain the following:
  • The proposal should describe their professional relationship, the research group the PI hopes to foster, the number of PhD and/or Master students they hope to support and a summary of their vision for the training of these students.
  • The research plan.
  • An itemized budget for the requested support.
  • The proposal should be signed by PI and International Partner.
  • A reference letter, from the International Partner supporting the application, to be uploaded by the International Partner on receipt of an email requesting him/her to do so.
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